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A New World (Epic Soundtrax 1995)

   Alan Parrish was playing a board game with his friend Sarah Whittle when strangely, things gone wrong and strange things happened sucking him into the game as Alan gone missing for twenty-six years as later the same strange board game discovered by Judy and Peter Shepherd – adapted from the children’s book by Chris Van Allsburg. Soon also trying to play the game; those two kids incidentally, rolling the dice and weird things of animals started to appears from nowhere like big mosquitoes and troops of monkeys before releasing a lion attacking them but luckily, being helped by the older version of surviving Alan Parrish dressed up as a primitive jungle man as the game rules stating the restoration would came back after the game ends.
   All the adventurous saving the modern world from the curse of Jumanji board gaming curses may took a while with chaos being caused by the wild monkeys, mosquitoes, wilder giant horde of African animals to the flesh eating plants to the small town.  With the starring cast led by Robin Williams and composed stage & screen soundtrack orchestra James Horner brings us the parade of official surviving themes of tracks for Prologue and Main Title, “It’s Sarah’s Move”, The Hunter to Rampage Through Town as well as Stampede! And A Pelican Steals The Game really caught your attention just like the movie did. Interesting facts and myths are gathered here with evidence as you might learning something like the rest of the casts did; being chased by a ravage hunter or getting caught by giant flesh-eater plants as First Move and The Monsoon tidal flood with crocs washed away the conclusion for the players to finishing their game and restoring the normal lives as the drum beats continues to haunt the audience after it has been thrown out to the beach-side. 

One of the best great fantasy adventure films directed by Joe Johnston as you wished it would or not occurs on your days.

Jumanji (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack):