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85 Lone Pine Mall (Movie Music 2003)

   Amblin Entertainment project of a fabulous Sci-Fi most successful movie of all time back then, Back To The Future starring Marty McFly ready to make you following his time travelling adventures with Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown the eccentric scientist trying to repair the damage of history together as the present him being shot by Libyan terrorist group; Doc from the past comes back and needs Marty McFly to helping him restoring the past riding the machine which is a DeLorean car through the warping tunnel and met his parents back on October 1985 – on a mission for hooking up his silly dad George with his mom Lorraine while on the same time dealing with the big bully – Biff as the prom party closely approaching.
   Alan Silvestri is the genius composer and conductor for the soundtrack themed tracks as well there’s also the various artists filling up the popper tracks as well like Huey lewis and The News, Etta James, Marvin berry and The Starlighters with Lindsey Buckingham but foremost would be these instrumental composes scoring with Einstein Disintegrates, The Town Square, The Skateboard Chase to The Kiss while some other reveals something for the future as well the past via Marty’s Letter, The Clock Tower to Doc Returns – capturing the entire complicated but fun story build within the movie itself just like when Marty rocking the stage singing Johnny B. Good or how at first, Marty facing his alcoholic overweight, depressive mom as his dad being bullied by Biff Tannen while the entire scenery changed along with the rest of the scripts that planned needs to be working out fine and restoring the whole history which later seeing how Doc comes back from the future asking Marty and Jennifer for another adventures …