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02:47 (Bandcamp 2016)

Observing the re-appearance of opening hole in the sky wall which flickering an idea about mysterious portal and on the far right one can see the mendes goat-head figure staring to the audience while duet dueling for their loves on taping music of the blending over Bluesy and Psychedelic noisy Rock character sounds as signature there onto those Garage/Dark Lo-Fi and Southern influences combined by the Vancouver – British Columbia crew: Mat Wainright (percussion) and Jeff Collins (guitars, keyboards) and calling this project by the name of unholy alliance of Mother Upduff but never sounded dumb as you might think when heard the name and before tasting this Passeby recording mini album.
Only consisted of two tracks with the first five minutes and eighteen seconds of retro amplified powering measurement from the past era of hippies and lasted days of Vietnam war or further back dug; releasing the good vibrations of groovy not only the music but the vocals as well and Fire approves the good pointy shown on why you need to keep an eye on these one, partner !