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006 005 (Orange Milk Records 2017)

Soft Channel might be kinds of reflections that one or some didn’t want to faced in their lives but a must of truth reveals the beauty or ugliness within and for that letting this experimenting plunder-phonics midi Electro and Post-Noise sampling music onto your stereo system computerized may becoming a fully first steps for achieving you the way you really are. Keith Rankin or Keith Kawaii of Columbus, Ohio re-inventing Giant Claw project a spooky skittering weird drum machine swifts the enclosure parts of synthesizers as repetitive morphine on landscaping results a dramatic geometrical guidance over ordnance of eight parted sub-titles of the same Soft Channel in various delivery journal of sounds mixing like 001 for about six minutes and two seconds or 004 for over three minutes, thirteen seconds as soon. Just like the Pop-cremating views for the demented life of a woman haunted by her scary past and the frightened future as the mirror has spoken.

Soft Channel: