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Luke And Leia (Sony Classical 2004)

   Nobody really calling this final last trilogy of Star Wars saga – a space opera and everyone knows that even that you’re not the fanatic fans of the movies – Return Of The Jedi will moves your muscles and attentions once you watching it.
   An epic story by George Lucas as being directed by Richard Marquand to Howard Karanjian produced to cast the legendary legacy of Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher among others as their characters remained forever cemented as the galaxy heroes against the dark-side led by Darth Vader and his master the Sith Emperor. 
   Uniting rebel alliance with new iconic leaders from Han Solo, Luke Skywalker to Lando Calrissian and the deep breathing throat voice of James Earl Jones as Darth Vader really completing the final epic saga for this last installments of the first trilogy that being one of the most successful films in the mankind history. 
   Return Of The Jedi had almost everything from the escaping battle against Jabba The Hutt marauders at the dune sea which killed the skillful bounty hunter Boba Fett as well onto the armada fleet’s sky-wars as well as the complicated lightsaber of the Jedi master skills fights between son and father in the name of hope, fear and peace through-out the universe by gain. 
   The soundtrack is almost as brilliant and epic accompanying the movie which led by the composing works from John Williams a finest conductor, pianist and composer with endless ideas and talents as being shown here on the special edition of Star Wars: Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi (The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) amusing from the beginning to the end concluded where good wins the battle versus evil and father of the long gone met his son in peace once again which being captured on the The Droids Are Captured, Han Solo Returns, The Pit of Carkoon/Sail Barge Assault onto Speeder Bike Chase/Land of The Ewoks straight to Jedi Rocks that being composed and arranged by Jerry Hey and the republic cheering for the destruction of the death star and the empire as the love grows and peaceful era begins for now but later on …


Pulga Chase (Varese Sarabande 1986)

   So, not a very long before the furor times of the trilogy saga and struggles of our heroic universal timing champions of the Jedi Order and further brave rebels army winning against the darker side of the force and the empire; there’s the sub-titled story based on the native folklore about daily Moon of Endor on the movie – Caravan Of Courage: An Ewok Adventure comes as children book-reading stored tales with the sequel coming to follow this one that you need to watch them altogether !
The story about how a human family of Towani Family – an ordinary couples with little kids not affiliated too much t something political crashed their starcruiser which concluded the stranded kids: Mace and his little sister Cindel losing their parents Jeremitt and Catarine vanished to be taken by the giant creature Gorax to its lair. Meeting the Ewoks on their surviving run; both kids have been taken a well out of the remote to Ewoks’ home village as soon Cindle becoming closed to one of the friendly one named Wicket and with the help from Izrina the wisties and Chukha-Trok the boisterous Ewoks after being told as foresee by Logray the medicine-men of the Ewoks about their parents presence as being good narrated as well by the voice of Burl Ives and the great soundtrack musical screen of sounds in classical orchestration by Peter Bernstein on this Ewoks Original Soundtrack scoring which carries the storyboard teller within the tracks like Escape, Poker Game, The House onto Noa & Terak after the quite emotional but happy like wonder of magic via Intro Main Title or Trek. 
Most of the sound recording taken from the second sequel movie of Ewoks: The Battle for Endor but the first staging tales from Caravan of Courage leads the merchandising Ewoks heroic battling Gorax to save Mace and Cindle’s parents to be reunited again as they’re staying for awhile over there – before the group of marauders from Sanyassa comes and attacking the Ewoks village later on The Battle For Endor.


Boozehound Barney (Bandcamp 2017)

   Yes, the actual recording music would be purely, Pop-Punk Skater show by one man project with the helps by some friends and bandmate; meet the productive Perth, Australia guy named Dan Cribb who owning this event of occasion which actually, entitled this recording release as Worst Tribute Ever but the facts are these songs ain’t really some kinds of classic tribute cover-up tracks by legends or famous people but self-written practical jokes and daily stories around the life of Mr. Cribb himself featuring some of his good fellows or mates there making the catchiest melodies and soon to be published well and harder might as might infamous as Fat Mike’s catalogs.
   Listen and go jumping for the extreme activities of your December boring weeks to meet and visits more different places with the harking themed tracks from Oh Streetcar! (feat. Scott Connor), Scorpio (feat. Tyler Richardson), Whacking Day & Baby On Board (feat. Andy & Gav McDougall) onto more popish punkish and tons of awesomeness via Union Strike Folk Song (feat. David Novak), The Amandement Song (feat. Benny Davis & Will Erimya) to Canyonero (feat. Bec Stevens & Jackson Grealy) shall filling your holidays (even) viewed the Simpson’s empty couch or wasted creamy doughnut - with much blasts !

Worst Tribute Ever:

Basin Street Blues (Self-Released 2014)

   Alternative abstract of Electro and insturmentation from Jazz, Hip-Hop and Rn’B swinging re-covering trends by this Toulouse, France’s music producer, remixer, DJ and sound-maker named Benjamin Roca or well-known as ProleteR feeling free on the wake-up producing over this way of pay a honorable salute for those musicians whom being influencing to him from the children past to his teenage days until this days of music career via Tribute to The Masters Vol. 1. All the beats and mixes, arranging with keys and guitars are well-done played by ProleteR as he got the aim for those people around the globe to listening for these tracks and showing respects as well being entertained like he did. Six songs mixture as distributes from Sam Cooke – Having A Party, Frank Sinatra number’s on That’s Life onto Percy Sledge’s Spooky and Louis Armstrong tuning parade track via St. James Infirmary. 

Yes, this young man kept his tape-deck high on tunes and didn’t forgetting where his musical roots being rooted from as least …

Tribute To The Masters Vol. 1:

Fuhgettabattit (Bandcamp 2014)

   Nineteen tracks of semi-instrumentals made up by Frosty McGee or Vanilly Dee Williams a.k.a T-White for compiled, chopped, mixed and mastered this freaking Rap/Hip-Hop experiments with sample-delica, beats-trumentals as well as Underground Chicago sounds but fortunately, also looking like the messy projects of Black/Latino experienced being pressing into one fucking damn compact disc from the Old Mexico distributions toward the recording of You Little Bastard – from the good common actions rhyming and lyrics written and flow off The Whitest - T-White.
Let the beats caring your guidance to the deeper slumber story and greater funky jazz and Bluesy rebel-musical interpretations through Ya Blew It, Curses, Go Ahead Don’t Do It, No Love For Skinny and Morning Jefferson Deluxe. 

That the ghetto slowly crawling closer to the sub-urban and whitey housing complex like a typhoon of Black Wrath revenge (with the naughtiest smile) … 

You Little Bastard:

Dog Shovelle (Bandcamp 2011)

Sacramento’s Electronic performance off these musician experimental collaborations for the names like Daniel Trudeau, Schuyler Peterson to Sean Hayashi and Brynley Stoner combining the essential music background influences of themselves to something quite extra-ordinary not just like our expectations through Life Hard: I Try which can be just a simple mini recording or a complicated single with sub-titles by the group naming themselves as Pregnant.

The essential weird but also mesmerizing noises or samples and live music really tinged within thus recording tracks following the opener one – from the beautiful and funny Natural Feelings that told us about how various the planet already spawning and developed but man’s greedy destroying it from the inside out as well as "Higher Ground" within the guitar melodic track with retro vibes.

Life Hard - I Try:

Currents Was I Mind (Thrill Jockey 2012)

   Whether you didn’t know or have heard about the hoax reports on the mis-information about the modern city on Planet Mars must turning your head and ears to this record album of A World Out of Time – released by the Portland-based Psychedelic Prog-Rock group Eternal Tapestry.
Consisting of either Bob Jones, Dewey Mahood, Jed Bindeman, Krag Likins, Nick Bindeman to Ryan Carlile and Spectrum Control on board really assumed that some parts of that sci-fi story is true because the band already founded and then wanting to show to the rest of the globe that the actual hi-tech compound really did exists on their minds and later on being transferred onto the compositions for music and sounds with the proving artworks on front cover. 

Over Planetoid, Alone against Tomorrow, When Gravity Fails and  Sand into Rain can explain the whole secret of the universe according to Eternal Tapestry as you wish to rearranged by Psychedelic Prog-Rock and sci-fi history … 

A World Out Of Time:

White Lies Allowed (Polydor 2003)

   Just like a zapping fingers pops-up every men’s dream for having a vocal group full of beautiful girls and British’s Girls Aloud which starring delicious names of its members like Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts, Sarah Harding, Kimberley Walsh and the one and only Cheryl Cole freshly right from the TV show Popstar talent becoming faster as the new project for commercial POP culture media replacing the Spice Girls and consecutively, nominated for Brit Awards for several times and actually, won some. The calculated first debut recording for the group started as the more independent Pop-Music vocals sisters which relevantly, releasing their Sound of The Underground (as on some version contains the bonus song of Duran Duran’s cover  Girls on Film) but mostly, sounding really Pop with the rootsy tracks from House, Garage Music UK to Synth-Pop tones influenced onto them as these beauties performed their early arousing touches and armored by sexiness rebellions on the first moves.
Girls Aloud presenting these songs like Some Kind of Miracle, No Good Advice, Mars Attack, Forever and A Never to Boogie Down Love and then – one by one of those girls starting with Cheryl Cole – dating a football players which exploding the trendy Wags with Victoria Beckham which success comes aside and shining the girl’s band first movements era of the next pioneering Pop beat-sound culture.


Omega Babylon (Top Dawg Entertainment 2014)

A black-descends female singer from Missouri with almost the same talents and working products like Erykah Badu or the different side of thus soundtrack fusion for Dream Girls music in comparable – SZA alias Solana Rowe must be one of those shining diamonds out there who didn’t quite having a good grab for making herself famous for now but soon might be another different story as for her through the releasing of this extended play recording entitled simply as Z reveals the essential Rn’B, Soulful and Hip-Hop breakthrough influences over this Afro-American girl to let the world seeing her shining little by little as possible.

Listen to Childs Play or Green Mile or Sweet November to Hi Jack and Julia as well and ask yourself that this girl had no talent. Wrongly suspicious but also colder in motion touch perhaps, lead thus kind of tracks dizzying your head for some minutes; rising the adolescents images or libido boiled as you wanted for more in tunes and softer touch from a black girl’s warmth cuddle for yourself today as promised by the recording on Z picturing the romantic scene while rounding up town with her. 


Your God Dogs (Self-Released 1999)

   The intro of a moaning woman bursting for having sex freaking already shows you that the recording of Vitamin Z’s High Spending Gambler must be crazy but fortunately, this best described as a 70’s influenced style band rocking their cock-rock attitudes must be a little bit mysterious on information but luckily, within the leader like Zac Moulton leads his troops of sexual Rock N’ Roll, Funky and groovy armies; the releasing of High Spending Gambler reached to more than ten thousand copies on-line already and still the massive info about these quartet unsearchable.
With guitarist Shane Leahy, bassist Andrew Smyth and drummer Andrew Giles, the band collaborating in their music creates Whorebag, Otto Slug, Going Straight to Moving to Cronulla which sounded arousing and at the same time pretty nasty to listen by the audiences with enough age-limits where the Punkish or Pop-Thrash and Heavy Rock all colliding into one comparable music with drinking problems, free-sex or too much soft-porn violent on their lyrics written by the band themselves. Thus parental advisory label keeping the worse attraction for the public to taste this album even further for curiosity as lady liberty turning into street slut as an alternative to something dirty this way comes. 


Thorazine Hex (Self-Released 2013)

   When there’s a time for chivalry and kings to rising their throne back to the civilizations via Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Classic – that would be a thoughtful thanking to the quartet of Fin Finlay (vocals/guitars), John Allen (guitar), Stephen Fleming (bass guitar) and Mark Stewart (drums/vocals) as being the unit calling themselves as Baleful Creed straight from Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK) with their solid rocking classical and power driven riffs to the measurements of more melodies and six-strings solo lightning within the performance of their good deeds and heroic characters as portraying in front cover of this self-titled album.
Harmonic vocals reminding us about Stone Temple Pilots project or another grungy haired metal sounds out of LA area and beyond but with more serious not joking lyrics and themes as written carefully but never quitting to rocks your socks off ! 

As the king union within his majestic war commander, the royal magician and even the trusted Viking on his side blasting the essential music via Crazy Man, Her Promise, Illuminati, Autumn Leaves and Suffer In Silence; embarks the hasting risen tremendous metal rocking energy from the northern parts of British isle again.

Baleful Creed:

Gambling And Alcohol (Lydfella 2012)

Out of the colder waves beached onto some nameless of those Norwegian fjords across the icy firing mainland transmitted by the session-synths of the forgotten corners of blending Heavy Metal symphonic Dark-Metal to Black Metal to Death Metal and Gothic Metal project as you might calling it a band perhaps; bearing himself as Grand Alchemist dragging his magic old tradition beliefs and mixture of modern resetting values combined within the energy sounds which Sigurd started only with a drummer Stoelan before completing the formation with guitarist Terje to bassist Roland but the entire music performance dominant by the keyboard works of play and more orchestra-touches

As Melodic Death Metal mixed with Black Metal extremities for the second round albums: Disgusting Hedonism exactly – leading the role which the group wanted to performing as their aims here through the nine tracks written and recorded on the releasing. Strongly Addicted to a Stimulating Despair, Synthetic Physical Intercourse, Touching The Cause of My Muse or Crème De La Crème Collapse as well as Requiem (An Ode to Agony) comes exclusively, brilliance and carrying the fate of pagan-themed superiority over extreme metal sounds !

Disgusting Hedonism:

Egna Al Trom (Rage In Eden 2015)

The intermediate demanding for those whom liking Neo-Classical, Martial Industrial and experimental blending between military ancient music as well as the stage and screen soundtrack music provided by the project of highly recommended out of France territory with the likes for Liyr which performing as a arranging sound-productions from Stephane Ayas cold hands with the helpful mysticism providing by Alexandra Nordrac through this Autours Des Ombres as part Electronic, Neo Classical, brass sections to orchestral and military sessions recording based on some of the most epic battles, wars, god-heroes and goddesses from the past history as harmonically, sounding awesome. Music also made by Sven Mann while lyrics written by Alexandra Nordrac as inspiring through-out either Europena to basic heritage of the Celts tradition with the foremost ever changing dominated world sort of feeling being classified onto fear, love, hate and pleasure as Liyr given to you Freija, Ange Ou Demon, Kingdom of Helheim, Semo Sed Ruotua and many more there sending between melodies and beating drums marching towards the darken uncharted lands of the barbarians … 

Autours Des Ombres:

Rough Church (Powertool Records 2015)

   Briefing the non-customs commercial free tension forwarded the reactions for this Auckland - New Zealand presentations among the Alternative/Indie-Rock genre society whether it’s Lo-Fi or high electrifying beats to share through your stereo system; V.A Enter The Anti-Claus probably, sounding rebellious and unlimited even though an old person whom looking like the bad-side of Saint Nicholas or Mr. Klaus approved the legal basic background about why on earth this shitty record must be appearing to public market closer to the celebration of Christmas. Before everyone protesting too damn much – please, take a good listening to most of those tracks because they’re not a blistering disturbance like you thought they might become but luckily, some lost songs for the peaceful afternoon and quite cold evening before or after the drunken xmas night would be recorded gently in here. Distorted but groovy; you may finding that most of the local bands there likeThe Doubtful Sounds, Fatal Elf, Factory Kids or Mary won’t exactly, spoiling the show by writing down lyrics to those honest simple music songs like P.J vs The Mouse, Big Boy, Timeshed, Song For The Winter or Satan’s Claw over A Day Like Today and Silent Night sessions.

Good call for not being too overrated and commercial in formats.

V.A Enter The Anti-Claus:

Eminence Rising (Nightmare/Voice Music 2012)

   Newest metallic Speed power with high techniques off Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul – Brazil untamed band Scelerata with Gustavo Strapazon (bass guitar), Francis Cassol (drums), Renato Osorio (guitars), Magnus Wichmann (guitars) and Fabio Juan (vocals) as their Power-Metal (and Iron maiden-background fanatic fans) within those fantasy life themes original will shouting and as well shutting every doors but one – on your stereo system as cranking loud music blasts from the latest recording release from the group – The Sniper.
Clean high-pitched vocals, solid rhythmic live-band performance to the empowered riffs and mighty solos jamming sessions available in every curves and intersections you would hearing them completely, colossal within thus almost perfect repertoire track-lists among all: Mut Be Dreaming, Breaking The Chains, Road To Death, In My Blood to Drowned In Madness, Money Painted Red as well as those live versions songs seems to be sounding everlasting prolong as the end of the album getting closer but didn’t quite stop from rocking onto your ears. 

Heavy Metal presents for those who still believed in awesomeness techniques and setting for more injections over Progressive Metal rhythmic magic stories will finding many wonders right here !

The Sniper:

Soldiers Command (Liquid Disc Records 1996)

   So, the facts that Michael Sweet may not be as sin-free but leaving lots of cleaner lyrics and thoughts written as you think he is superb as jesus as the band of his so-called Christian metal music won’t honestly, playing good calm music but filling in lots of those rocking semi-devilish noise as well but still the right-winged people considering that Stryper still would fits as Salvation Through Redemption, Yeilding Peace, Encouragement and Righteousness as King James bible would said – so, this compilation of great album for V.A Sweet Family Music – A Tribute to Stryper happened to be releasing by the co-working from many biggest fans and influenced artists in such a good melodies and musical genre blending of Alternative Rock, Electronic, Industrial, Indie Rock, Heavy Metal to Lo-Fi Punk and Synth-Pop altogether combining their works as praising the band’s great recordings here. Like the loudest introduction from Cell Dweller for The Abyss which arranged and adapts by the performer quite metallic, Morella’s Forest folkish-tinged session for Calling On You or Cricket on Makes Me Wanna Sing as well as Havalina Rail Co. over Always There For You and many more from several lesser-known names like Grammatrain, Combat Chuck, Ghoti Hook and Echoing Green over these eighteen tracks recording in multi-purposes aiming for a better future with new young generation singing the positive affections to make a change on themselves before trying to convert someone else to follow the goodness path along with them.

Sweet Family Music - A Tribute to Stryper:

Hostile Crush Efekt (Eclipse Records 2000)

   Heavy Metal won’t infinitely being the same since the departure of our own bastard son of shredding guitar master – Dimebag and his crumbled crew in Pantera as the pride of The Lone Star State and savior of Southern Metal trendkill but without them as well nothing could evolving in the more healthy metallic world and to proof that; we got this Nu-Metal modern touch for Panther – A Tribute to Pantera which compiled quite rushy and not many famous bands really involving for this record release but whether it’s fucking M.I.A reasons or anything, still you cannot stop Pantera’s few freaking groovy hits from playing as loud as fuck here within these twelve tracks choices from Pissing Razors to A.C to Dissaray to Ill Nino among others. Some might telling you differently, calling this album sucks or shitty but the truth reveals itself and let your own ears being thrashed to approved unconsciously, head-bang your neck snapping to the power of the heretic themes written by the quartet of Texas own Cowboys From Hell crew.
We got almost everything from Becoming, Mouth Of War, Domination, Use My Third Arm onto the acoustic mystical harmony over Cemetary Gates. 

Some might knew the old story from the past that they’re once a cheesy band turning to legend at hearts of every metal-heads !

Panther - A Tribute to Pantera:

Teenage Entrée Pussy (Infected Toilet 2012)

   With over 100 bands ready to destroying christmas on the stereo system and your metallic end of year times won’t be completed without a little bit of extreme comedy with totally chaotic Cybergrind/Goregrind/Pornogrind and plenty disturbing noises limitless to more than one hundred and eleven tracks from these various bastards maggot-brains metal-heads from the most fast, louder, devastating and anti-comfort crew through this sexual recording of various bands/groups/project compiled within the western Austrian label for the album entitled Noisy and Nasty Ways to make Santa Suffer is your ultimate gagged S&M terror squad worshiping over the sounds of grinding guttural and torturing themes beneath the Christmas mass orgy on someone basement and letting those victims yanking for their very last fucking breath without wishes granted but forever being raped and grinds to the last might as these tracks proving the non-spiritual decaying minds of the human flesh ideas turning to reality via Sperm of Mankind on Jingle Bells, God Rot Rape Fist for Joulupukki Uunissa or Putreclitor on Zoorgia, Chavo Grinder’s Kataplasma, Bowel Rot’s Cephalic Sewage and Autopsy Janin through Mutilasi Kelamin Boyband as well as the rest of those anthemic raging over women, children and most of the men and humankind by growling “We Come To Eat You (Satan’s Revenge on Mankind cover) song" through-out the freaking speaker and murderously, kills your parents and your goddamn neighboring slutty daughters slow …


We Call It Christmas (Independiente 1999)

   Infamous and slower on its sounds per tracks but these ten of the recording themed of Various Artists Christmas Calling would definitely, giving the audiences a brand new perception over thus songs demand for celebrating the end of year’s concert of greetings season within the more alternative formats on Indie Rock and musical project by several artists from different directions of music genre. From Travis for their good song of River to Macy Gray’s I’ve Been A Good Girl for the Rn’B section beats to feminist parts with Fiona Apple on her cover classic track – Frosty The Snowman; the blending of half metal half classic rock and punks on Things I Want by Tenacious D/Sum 41 onto the more classic rocking cover version of We Three Kings (Fuel), Carol of The Bells (Phantom Planet) and Kaki King delivers O Holy Night.

As Rudolph the red reindeer sending its signaled tracker beaming wave through-out the globe and make people understand that Christmas isn’t just a passage or life style – it is rock music all the way !

VA Christmas Calling:

Rekrul Turkish (Dionysus Records 2017)

   Can also be called The Creepy Creeps is these Surfing Punk rockers in a San Diego’s band using another aliases on Creepxotica while adding more erotic sounds of the sixties chart-listed with Justin Pearson, Dylan Scharf and Dave Warshaw re-inventing the fresher vintage touches via Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions as Jazz-ing, psychedelic Pop-tones and Bossa Nova beats rhythmic buried the dancing style arousing libido for the oldies and the exotic lovers within the group’s performance over Pungee Stick, Surf Fink, Luau At Loi’s, Meat Ships and Repeto might giving the lasted rough soften tiled up shines rising like the tropical heat gaining those adrenaline of the Latinas and the foreign strangers to exchanging kisses and cuddles until the night turning to day and the year of yesterday already pass.

Swinging Sounds From Beyond The Nether Regions:

Santa Angel Baby (Capitol Records Inc. 2007)

   While westerner's dawn of Christmas celebrations left the rest of those "Alternative Nation" scene generations a vain to producing more commercial tracks to sell on the dearly days of the greed people shopping or making cookies or hunting for more fame then; so that as a fact relieved for some artists of the independence to gathering around and write down some good but not-shitty warmer songs that reliable with the real reality surroundings the end of the year season greetings through V.A. Alternative Rock X-Mas album which contains classics tracks like Silent Night by Sinead O’Connor, Little Drummer Boy from a rocking version by The Dandy Warhols; 12.23.95 (Jimmy Eat World), Marcy Playground comes with Keegan’s Christmas or Starflyer 59 spraying the joyous theme overtly Christmas Time is Here as well as Holiday Fortnight – 2002 Digital Remaster by Ska seminal legend - The Specials. Sing along the tracks per tracks and let your snowy thoughts finding the true meaning of blessings and kindness on the gift to others in needing this year !


Night Baking (Rough Trade 2006)

   There’s enough Alternative Rock and Pop for almost everyone and this time of the year; toddlers and up ages would lovely pleasing themselves on being gifted by these rocking songs of Acoustic, Novelty and Indie Rock on for Pop version artists altogether collaborate over the V.A Colours Are Brighter which contains more than eleven tracks available there just like Pooh Trilogy by The Divine Comedy, The Barcelona Pavilion for Tidy Up Tidy Up (edit) onto onwards going through Snow Patrol with the musical of I Am The Astronaut, Jackie Jackson (Franz Ferdinand), Belle and Sebastian singing The Monkeys Are Breaking Out The Zoo or Rasputina trio mystique comes performing A Skeleton Bang showing there always characters for every each of children on the planet purchased here. From dragons to the joker thief to space-craft drawn on the cover front as various gathered for the warmth gifts on those whom haven’t decided yet what to bring to your beloved children this December.

VA Colours Are Brighter:

Six Pairs Of Feet (Rising Pulse Records 2010)

When she’s not with her group Battle of Mice – she’s just a musician from Brooklyn – NY legally by herself as defunct band leaving Julie Christmas’s menacing childish voice raised as the fact that she whom was born on the Christmas day to go on her own doing the rocking project experimental session here through The Bad Wife.
As not the good season gifted for many women around the globe must be a charity thoughts of ideas on making and writing these songs to work out harder which blending Julie’s likes for Alternative Rock, Hard Rock and murderous Heavy metal experimented musical within those interior of pinkish tarts and creamy stuff giving the rest atmosphere calmness but not that calm as the fear spreading on insecurity comes the July 31st, If You Go Away, Secrets All Men Keep (Salt Bridge, Part II) and damned throws via The Wigmaker’s Widow weeping in metallic seminal and When Everything is Green right after the doomsday wiping out the mankind and left the planet silent by quietness to the growing vast plants like those greenpeace organization wanted all along …

The Bad Wife:

Bossa Nova (Simple Machines 1995)

Was an Arlington Indie Rock unit which having their own career expands with Jenny Toomey to Kristin Thompson and the rest of the gang like Luther Gray, Amy Domingues to Bob Massey and John Palmer that sounded like kinds of seminal Hole-session with a softer side for Courtney Love and less glamour looks but still have things to kills their audiences with good music.

Meet the compilation recording for this World Tour And Other Destinations fits for your holiday rocking year’s end concerto in most grungy style possible through Flameproof Suit, Candyman, Genius of Crack, Answerman, Could Have Been Christmas, Punk Means Cuddle or Sometimes A Notion and Kidding The Square spreading the encouraging movements shared by the band themselves as Tsunami; the giant wave proving that the nineties was totally wrong and awesome to listen !

World Tour and Other Destinations:

Church Bell (Bandcamp 2015)

Deep cold Darkwave infusion musical retreats there lies like a couple promising lies being left lying on the cobblestoned road somewhere in the middle of nowhere whilst this Shoegaze-tinged power rocking Synth-Pop project made by Jason Martin and Ryan Clark off their own fortune-telling fame show for the healthy dose of 80’s nostalgia signaturing brand and further study on the higher dance-beats on this type of sounds reverb-drenching with haunted vocals and aesthetic music that reminding us about Echo & The bunny men or The Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode. This Uppers album rleleasing by Low & Behold must be your ultimate dream-scaping drowning images as echoing whispered softly towards the speakers and volatile voices beneath your spellbound minds recycling the miracles as if those marooned tracks like Bring Me Home, Son of Mine, Some People, You Walk Alone, Violent Sound and The End of The Road releasing the painless spines that broke to mend or stop breathing …