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My Patronus (Self-Released 2017)

For the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Wizard Rock and Elvis Costello; you got the group of musicians led by the pretty girls of Ann Arbor, MI by Steph Anderson and we know then – that Harry Potter, werewolves, the color pink, libraries onto awesome quidditch or just mixing Rock sounds between Pop-Indie, Alternative Rock and Ska sounds possible on letting your children sing along follows this record for the car-stereo and backyard birthday party themed as well. Tonks and The Aurors shall reminding you about how on earth if Hermione, Luna and Weasley forming their own band and performed in front of Dumbledore and the rest of their respectful teachers.

Tonks and The Aurors' A Familiar Beat releasing then, brought them moving to Cincinnati, OH and brings their elegant music with them as you might listening here on A Familiar Beat by eleven tracks available in a very cheerful and jangling pops out burst within Sort Me, Ravenclaw, Diagon Alley, Living For onto Weasley Brothers after the magical opener of Owl Post rocking the sweet recording front door opens – like Hogwarts greetings its newcomer students …

A Familiar Beat:

Rill Rill (Mom + Pop 2010)


   Indie Rock Chiptune and Noise-Experiments format with Hip-Hop beats via semiotic Dub-Techno Electro music made possible but not too damn simple – can be listening via these duet of Sleigh Bells masterminded Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller doing the vocalizations to the musical instruments with the help from horn sections or solo acts musicians like Eric Biondio, Jacob Wick to Ana Alvarez or Curtis Hasselbring and Demi Colon doing the performance on trombone, saxophone or vocals as the smiling kid or those blue cheerleaders picture won’t stopping us from liking the great album recording by the group.
   Treats might tremendously expanding the weirdy themes, geeky beats and minority reports issues becoming a central figures that excessively and exclusively arousing anyone whose listening to this kinds of crap of the new millennium times infecting the Pop-culture realm and the social media which practically, shall spreading the disease of making a sicker Rock Music scene stretching from the West to the East side permanently. 
   Do you care about that ? or just don’t. there’s much better things to dance for while capturing the awesome tones from Riot Rhythm, Infinity Guitars, Run The Heart and Rachel trying to retakes the Crown on The Ground using Straight A’s might be how an explanation made for this oddity gift.


Taciturnity (Zoth Ommog 1992)

A glimpse of nude woman spreading her hands to fly perhaps on the front cover and the ecclesial Electro-Techno and New Wave legacy beats taking the audiences to dance a bit crazy as the darker corner of thus nameless bar-club complex won’t be found by anyone who searching it on the map. That’s just how elusive X Marks The Pedwalk duo really means to you even when one knows about the formation being establish by Jorg Bohme and Andre Schmechta but soon Jorg left the band and being replaced then by Thorsten Schmechta while Andre also chasing his credibility as a good father for family and his career which left behind Thorsten or Raive Yark with his recruits members and friends after the releasing of the last formation on X Marks The Pedwalk musical years. 

Human Desolation sounded like it has been created for sound-tracking the moments when women suddenly in minutes moaning hard for having orgasm while doing sex activities or just going solo-act behind the closed door as the beats provided in standard but colder – putting the Electro-Goth essence right where it belongs as poisons seducing passions for The Relapse, Paranoid Illusions, Criminal Disharmony, Experience, The Trap and I See You; piling-up a celibate tension to rebels against the hierarchy of the world standards’ boring living. 

Human Desolation:

Elloptak Buli Van (Bandcamp 2015)

   The chosen name for the band might be one of the favorite basketball clubs in the world as grunge also chosen by the members as their artistic media for entering global audience world-wide scenery of music exchanged materials to the promotional events via media socials doing the band’s awesome distorted disruptions on loud explosive back-up feedbacks, distortion choruses to the crazy vocals screaming again and again on the releasing record of Chicago Bulls Eletem A Metal as the band hailing themselves not from the state of Illinois but from Budapest – Hungary. As Bingo Star (dobok, zongora), Szoke Peter a synthetic guitarist, saxophonist Gyenei Csaba to Fuzz Matyas doing the guitar-bass pleasant and Arki Tibor mixing the crossing over-toned musical belligerent blends between Jazz-Core, Grungy Noise-Punk, Anarcho-Disco, Free-Pop to Hip-Dance as their Gypsy/Atilla The Hun’s heritage may attaching tight as well through this fine album breaking the normality of many doors and ears while listening to those songs of changes instability via Piranhaconda, Spiderman, Gyuri or Baj periodically – throwing the Speed-Core Thrash-Pop of anarchy brunch to your fucking face to gain others attention over this silly performance but deeply in meaningful presentation to educating the globe-dumpsters. 

Eletem A Metal:

Racketeers Rosedale (The Culture Society 2010)

New York’s Post-Rock recording group that obviously, didn’t making their appearance terrific or being a slight attraction over the scenery but more to able on directing their ideas maker for not positively sounded too damn normal unless some might calling Indie Rock and Pop Experimental performance from Zach Barocas (drum kit), Christ Ernst (electric guitar), Adam Rizer (electric bass guitar) and Steve Shodin (electric guitar) smoothly stepping-in and given these instrumental taste of standard music with high techniques and brings Alternative Rock to replacing the old versions of it through There Are Crashes by these quartet – Bells. Give your complementary after had a good moment for listening to them in standard volume over this track-listings where a differences between the first opening song Kings to End Over End that celebrating Prog-Pop sounds shall be rediscovered through the third installment song of angry youth tempo on New Monuments as the waves turning back again to progressive after that. 

Bells might taking you for a walk entering the most hideous parts and alleys of Brooklyn and the rest of NYC as a free city tour within music of non-vocals not in silently. 

There Are Crashes:

Suil Bhaloir (Diveliz Rex 2009)

   North West Ireland sending the spells of anger and hatred towards the explosive Black Metal mangling themes or Folklore of Celtic culture and war to heroism; the true meaning of Beithioch (or Beitioc) is Animal/Beast which suddenly fits for this project that mixing Extreme Metal Music with Dark Ambient as thus ancient epic poem of Irish language may be heard relentlessly raw as the recording sounded so low in productions as independently – promising one as fanatic fans to thrown the overjoyed life and embracing darkness like this band did on the debut album: Aisling Dhorcha (means A Dark Dream Vision) sending its terror of limited lyrics interpretations via those track-listed disturbing stories of haunting pasts and secret occultism memories to the presence days like now – vowing themselves to never bow down to religious oppression acts anywhere and anyhow as you being mildly struck by An Anaithnid Dorcha (The Dark Unknown), Gior Cianaosta (The Primeval Voice), Dornan Talaimh (A Fistful of Earth) and Arm na Deithe (Weapon of The Gods) in various duration and the mixture of blasphemous, harmony or the in-between balance where magic of the past conquers the future without no one can actually, stopping its movement inside mankind’s hearts. 

Dark Ancient Obsessed ...

Aisling Drocha:

Hey Velda Tease (Third Man Records 2011)

   Thank to Jack White for discovering these fine mysterious foursome all wearing dark clothes attractive women filled with enchantments of magic of Garage Rock music presentations; The Black Belles is a great discovery made out of Nashville, TX by far – a showcase of inaugural beauties by darkest attractions to make more man fell on their knees begging for mercy and love to fake under the reign of Shelby Lynne, Olivia Jean, Ruby Rogers and Erin Belle holding their hands tight as the magical spells and lyrics for thus tracks of rocking impressive charms cannot be broke easily within The Black Belles’ self-titled recording debut being released and sounded closer related to their big brother band – The White Stripes in a girl version as intriguing and mesmerizing on the same time.
   Just like your witching hour nightmare from the past extortion of the old Salem burning years revenge comes In The Cage, The Wrong Door, Breathing Down My Neck and Howl at The Moon onto Pushing Up Daisies; sounded a bit glad and unwell spreading curses of sweetening among the sons of men once again this Yule.

The Black Belles:

Thunder Tropic (Walkman s.r.l/Yorpikus 2016)

European Techno-Pop or House-Synth with more modern aspects available within their music blends for the likes on Woodkid, Nine Inch Nails, Beach House to MGMT and EDM-magnetism; these trio of Dance-heads Elisa Pucci (vocals, guitars, beauty and charms), Davide Malvi (drums, sequencer) plus Fabio (bass, synth) are your plural mixed music-makers as Italiana’s universally unit products that keeping the mainstream music realm turning within their good releasing here for the forth times already; Moseek giving us theirs entitled Gold People.

Kinds of the best picking album to accompanied your new year’s count-down or just a romantic quiet kissing hours near the sea-side on a dark night. Starless or fully bright, doesn’t matter when and while Moseek trio pumping your room of hearings with their favorable soft beats and arousing ones via Starship Trooper, Tina, Venice and Paris, So Sad, Beth My Beth and Tiger Tiger. 

You can make a promise that cannot actually be kept but these tracks really really comes without clothes to cover for being entertaining and innocence.


Contemplates Suit (Columbia 1997)

   Barry Sonnenfeld directed one of the most hilarious comedy that touches some parts of the classified files secretly kept by the governments on the American Science Fiction as well actions stories about the undercover agency or organization which monitoring and supervised any kinds of life-forms of extra-terrestrial here on the planet earth disguising as your neighbors or someone you didn’t really know or even superstars.
As the recruiting NYPD policeman – James whom pursuing a mysterious suspect turned out to be suicidal in his really odd talks and facts showing got a chance for an interview where he finally manage to finish all of the field tests to the writing tests with a very smart results working with K then, as J the very secret agent in this first project of Men In Black film. Investigating the related case of a dead arquillian royal family to the giant roach-like alien disguises as a hillbilly looks like Farmer John to the search and rescue on Laurel Weaver the hot coroner girl as well as saving the planet from destruction and giving back the jewelry diamond known as Orion’s Belt to the owner race of inter-galactic war-craft and eliminates the filthy kidnapper/killer bug might be your energy source too within the scoring music composed highly intelligent enough by the dark music maker of all time – Danny Elfman. 
The album release of Original Music Score composed by Danny Elfman – Men In Black The Score truly haunting as well as intrigues and fascinating the audiences – especially, those sci-fi aliens lover-heads. Whether you holding a gigantic phase proton guns or smallest Noisy Cricket; being agile is the main points to have your M.I.B mission succeeded and Impending Trouble scores with more tracks of instrumentations like D’s Memories from the ambush jobs by the border patrol caught some illegal aliens or the skinned monstrous sugar-drinker big bad bug in disguise or Morgue Time failed hitting on the girl; Headquarters first time visits to Petit Mort, K Reminisces, Imports/Quiet Moment and the trademark opener on M.I.B Main Theme along within those Rn’B stars filling some songs for the soundtrack as well. 

PS.There are too much mysteries around us and through-out the universe that you might not know or never will. 
Best kept them secrets …


Four Leaf’s (Lakeshore Records 2008)

   When you think that Hollywood shall one day be out of ideas for making more entertaining movies, then – you’re so wrong. Starring the longer lists of some famous comedians and serious movie stars turning dumb for the casts over Tropic Thunder: a great satirical action comedy from Dreamworks pictures with the background on a Vietnam war heroic movie making gone wrong with Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr, Jay Baruchel, Danny McBride, Jack Black to Nick Nolte as the schedules for the film shooting went totally wrong as the most valuable big-headed movie stars getting lost because they keep on fighting about the scripts, the reality behind their real life story, the pathetic confession to make and of course, who’s in charge of the pack as furious executives also got kidnapped and involves to the misdirected for better performance, loyalty and focus to wrapping the movie scenes into the hands of opium bandits owning the factory inside the jungle on a remote border of the dangerous golden triangle in South East Asia. 
   As Lazarus arguing endlessly to Tugg or anybody else being a spoiler for drug addicts to Rick “Pecker” Peck the agent panic moments as well as the most wicked dancing shown by Tom Cruise in the making of a comedy film that guiding the audience for laughing the entire greedy, envy, and more seven deadly sins via the lack of courage, stupidity, disbelieved but also friendships and sick jokes that can make you burst-out. 
Theodore Shapiro is the main man for the scoring music composer duty in the middle of jack-ass curses between the team-troops or the explosions of the land mines territory; Original Motion Picture Score - Tropic Thunder (music by Theodore Shapiro) might easily picturing the parody for another masterpiece of war movies like Platoon or Rambo II but the awesome hilarious comedy actions mixed with The Wet Offensive, Portnoy’s Plan, A Night At The Theatre, Truck Escape, Panda Call onto Satan’s Alley or Blow The Bridge while our “fake soldiers” taking out the rest of opium-makers gang named Flaming Dragons as well as Downey Jr’s freaking funny acts on Lead Farmer. 

Get some or be none if you haven’t watching this or hear the scoring composition !


Cerin Amroth (Self-Released 2015)

   Horse-riding through the wilderness for couple weeks and then, before your strength finally wasted out and gone – your sight seeing the ancient city of Edoras before finding the kingdom of Rohan in the valley of white mountains and in the fanatic Tolkien universe; Brazilian musicians decided to built their own Edoras as the musical group performing Dungeon Synth to Ambient Darken. Focused and basically, influenced hard to interpreting the whole stories as the songs all were made by Wogharod; Doors of Moria is the group’s awesome heritage releasing of Electronic-instrumentals of Lords of The Rings experiments calculated the time-lapse via the keyboards hymn and whispering howls outer dark against the kindness bravery of light made in form of the strengthen army of men from the North which harmonically, bared slower within The Shores of Valinor in 04:39 onto Dol Gurdur mystery castle behind the necromancer’s existence for over only 02:40 or even the beauty related tongue-tales about The Lady of Galadhrim whom not only gorgeous but powerful as the good-wizards alley a must to adore and to obey as fate reconnecting them off good intentions for guarding The Middle Earth.
   Doors of Moria is the path where you can get inside the ancient mountains of Dwarf Kingdom of Moria from the back but beware of thus water creature and more sinister dangers dwelling inside it.

Edoras has re-creating the epic story in their own stylish Electronic experiment-noise music as Tolkien influences lives on even after the big war that’s going to come.

Doors Of Moria:

Celebdil Gjallarhorn (Self-Released 2014)

   Deep inside the ancient dwarf kingdom of Moria a terrible mistake happened where thus gold digging with lust of greed dwarfs race into deep they’re kept on digging in order to find more precious gem stones and plenty gold which never felt enough for them and the conquest for that would (in their imaginative minds) make more wealth dripping endlessly to their mighty kingdom halls through tunnels and underground passages but as fortune goes away fading from their sight; the greed finally awakens the old ancient creature of the past demonic beings – Balrog comes and quickly, destroying the entire Moria palace as the darkness slowly conquering Across The Misty Mountains of Moria since.
   Inspired from that story of J.R.R Tolkien has made this French project music came onto blended eerie surroundings where Dark Ambient, Synth-Epic and Fantasy Medieval Electro from the dungeon closely, as awakening led to give this recorded album of its own entitled Khazad Dum – the last bridge inside one of the tunnel where andalf the grey wizard finally facing his fear against the mighty Balrog concluded them to die but one resurrects onto something more powerful as the ghost of pasts decades of the diggers still trying and trying as ahunted the places while the orc horde owning their lairs deeper underground. 
   Zirakigil and Bundushathur as well as The Forge of Fire and The Eternal Walls which followed by The Bridge or Dragonfire  - all led to the rest of the chronicles of the dwarves race history as music like this really caught your attentions for the epic instrumentals essence over several tracks as either nothingness or winter tomb explorations in this Dark Ambient musical can stop anyone from quarreling and starts watching where your steps going to take you without making terrible noises attract the orcs or Balrog.

Khazad Dum:

Unplugged Stoopid (Geffen Records 1997)

   Tragic hero fell as the raising conquered for the American Nu-Heavy Metal scene just happened; Lynn Strait and his dog – Dobbs also featured for the front cover’s album on Snot’s Get Some here got hit by a truck while they’re driving as usual days around-up town of Santa Barbara, CA.
   One can listening to them wrecking the hood and urban territory because the music acts louder, dominant but amazingly, stayed positive in their lyrics and as the last line-up for the band’s debut recording featuring Jamie Miller the drummer, John Fahnestock (bass guitar), guitarist Mike Doling and Sonny Mayo and the late Lynn Strait on lead vocals blending their West Coast style of Hardcore/Punk and Funk-Metal or later on being known to the media as Hip Metal within its distinctive rhythmic boosts there as the spirit of a dog grimly growled before barking hard; feel the excessive sonic hooks and riffs over Joy Ride, Box, 313, Deadfall, Tecato onto Mr. Brett or My Balls already painted the late nineties era with new looks of apparel stylish tempos and this group is one of those heroes …

Get Some:

The Throat In (Peaceville 1996)

   Uber-heavier championing as one of the most sinister-tinged Doomy Metal symphonic of British isle or just – Bradford/Halifax (England) ; these slower reckoning masters legend of the newer force of modern day doomed metallic band consisting of Calvin Robertshaw (guitars), Aaron Stainthorpe (vocals), Andrew Craighan (guitars), Rick Miah (drums) self-written the infamous themes lyrics of theirs compels through deadly romance, despair pains and faith loss as the mixture of Doom/Death Metal onto Gothic symphonies metallic kept their fan-base and the real heavy-metal heads liking slower death music continued to worshiping them.
   Along with Martin Powell on keyboards/violin performance dominates the almost entire tremendous darken and pessimistic Goth-influenced culture and slicing solos; their fourth and the most powerful recording of all time – Like Gods of The Sun truly, turns back the essential elements of blood-shed ghastly to black magic gone falsely add something hideous towards the nine themed tracks there like A Kiss To Remember, All Swept Away, Grace Unhearing or The Dark Caress – closely, an effective British answers to those Americans Gothic Metal troubadours like Type O Negative or Life of Agony or A Pale Horse Named Death.

Taste thus bass rhythmic, the deader double pedals drumming or the riff-age of sinful as the toned lower vocals fronting the Classic Gothic Metal and the purple-ish blue affections in form of a butterfly.

Like Gods Of The Sun:

Ouverture (Heavy Psych 2017)

   The hyper-electric guitars which contrast to the penetrations from the group whose carrying more Bluesy-tinged bustier Psychedelic Rock of the seventies sounds like Hendrix clashes to Pink Floyd after meeting on stages with either Neil Young and The Crazy Horse or the sarcastic Stoner-Doomy mode of Retro Desert-area Johnny Cash variants that exploding more crashes and rocking tunes but peaceful and slow-tuned safe to the most older listeners for having greater time feasting upon the band’s efforts right here via Jungla recording.
   Cachemira of Barcelona – Catalonia brings their essential mixture of five songs ensemble of rocking further about most of the important stories or issues facing by ourselves worldwide globally today which extracted through Overpopulation, Goddess and Sail Away defending themselves for the longer durations and lyrics that questioning to given answers not according to the reality for the facts on their ways performance by Alejandro Carmona (drums), Pol Ventura (bass) and Gaston Laine (guitar & vocals) bursting the spacing sparks of six strings music and beat of drumming hardened via Psych of Rock formation jamming. 
   Shall hoping that the music would burnt thus incense smokes or offering weeds and haze of pink mists surrounding the lies and make it happened to be the truth to cleansing the rock back onto the most beautiful music of the world of freedom delights.


Glang Goon (Self-Released 2015)

Notta Comet is Eli Harrison Kaufman (drums), Crawford (bass, vocals) and Alexander Trent Williams (guitar. Vocals) sadi to the local press that they’re playing their own Bike Rock or Scientist Rock or even anything for Rock as the works of artistic musical on (a maybe) album mini preserving daily messages there for Embankments; a Multi-Fi unsetting independent Rock of Arts with the dysfunctional kinds of grungy-basic noises and distortion soft modern crawling from the back of thus amplifiers and within only five songs to the manual cover marking to ensemble back the simple machinery as the barking screamo of frustrated emotions of non sold-out tracks like Freehold Mall Pt. II to Warehouse Blues and Splitstream may variously keeping your Seattle-sound collections alive to be added on something un-gracefully honest and simplified like these one – a lesser known products from Montreal.


Parade Of Sin (Ripple Music 2017)

   Californian Heavy Psych-Doom Stoners  with more retro and abusive riff-age distortion completed the efforts they’ve recorded and build since to becoming not just as The Judge but within these nine tracks of powerful Heavy Metal melodic spirits from Dylan Jarrett (guitar), Evan Anderson (drums), Kevin Jones (bass) and Tyler Swope (vocals)in their old-seventies tied basic sounds; Tell It To The Judge really may embracing some departed surroundings off the desert limits and empty void areas where solitude is not just friends but partners in crime as well as the solo guitars might glaring to ripped off the sky in a try; leads the compromising for these San Ramon’s 70’s mixing of Rush meets Paul Rodgers rocking voice and atmosphere or Led Zeppelin stroke down their garage/classic intuitions to following the way of Cream’s bluesy rocks plus little consuming of too much meth or rock of ice, blasting the standard blazer over Changing World, From The Mountain, Strange Ways as well as Empty Halls to letting the group troops High Flyin’ onto Darkest Daze – not thinking much about the modern society thought about this (then) hailed from St. Louis, MO’s lot – ain’t formed for preaching but knowledge facts and logic searching in the name of Stoner Rock faded into the nameless desert as the righteous figure tells everyone about the formation of the stars and where our ancestors really came from …

Tell It To The Judge:

Nano Furnace Age (Leaf/P-Vine 2016)

   Some of the newest trio of Electronic Alternative of Cosmic Dance and Jazz of London – UK as a blaze of phosphorescent cross beauty the night sky with Dan Leavers, Maxwell Hallett or Shabaka Hutchings for the releasing a spirit for keep on dancing with the prophecy or prefecture tracks crash-landing danceable tunes for ordinary and objective pleasant bursts within the composing textured of The Comet Is Coming as the consistency killer rocks from outer-space predicted long before and soon after; blending their loves for Electronic-Jazz Rock and Psychedelic effects not elusive but spare-parts as sophomore and neglected on the same time – given the outpost profound extinction of men felt like it isn’t that scary anymore which the beats of simplicity meets the difficult ones a blazing like various particles of exposing explosion when two rocks floating on the void collapsed into one big fireworks that most people would not smiling happy about if the worst nightmare happening.
   Anyway, you surely, won’t get the missing beats and drumming just for stared up seeing the doomsday fell upon us and regret them tracks telling you years before that like Journey Through The Astroid Belt, Space Carnival, Slam Dunk in a Black Hole, Deep Within The Engine Deck and Light Years (feat. Joshua Idehen) straight onto End Of Earth that suits how we didn’t wanted to finish developed and growing more populations but yes, as the Electro-Dance beats stops and the ghastly apparation whispered – means it’s too late.

Channel The Spirits:

Voyager Gusano (Bandcamp 2015)

   Anthem for Yuri Gagarin the first man walking to outer-space before NASA did or other correctible correlations on some extracted Space-jamming Psychedelic/Stoner/Proto-Punk Rock sounds from the Malaga – Spain crew in Sagan; really did remedies the thirst for more Sci-Fi fantasy and electric-shock stories up there – whether true or hoax in one single package of album entitled Punto Azul Palido.
Heavy groovy damn tracks and skills of both riff compositions and song written composers really catch the interest of many rock-heads to them as the nine tracks available skillful and tremendous non-human vocals musical released by the trio en Espana Javier Perez Caro (bass), Javier Luque Munoz (guitars) and Carlos Pecino Albornoz (drums) amazingly, hardest but still attaches to their Latin-Europe elements to share in awesome dance beats to Pop-cultured touch through Akira, Red Sun, Tinnitus and Interestelar. 

Even with the S.O.S signals sending while the rocket pilots panic towards the overdriven or overheated situations which no helping messages came back from lunar headquarters, still mankind first ejects into space shall be surrounded by immediate danger and risks as we know it …

Punto Azul Palido:

Know Bulkhead (Bandcamp 2016)

Adelaide, Aussie’s concrete music sounds of the improvised Space-jamming Rock troops consisting of Hayden Millsteed on drums, Yuri Poetzl the guitarist/keyboards; Darius Nettle on guitar, Jon McNichol on bass/guitar and Nigel Ryan the other guitarist performing their ensemble of instrumentals music rocking and created thus keyboards special-infringed effects like your rockets seeing the displays of universal collision of two dead asteroids as sparkling the energy or re-opening another black dark hole somewhere as the magnetic fields illuminates like particles of light as you might not really caught it means in the first minutes of the recording pleasure.
Six tunes of embarking phase of lights and space journal via Do Whats Right has given The Asteroid Belt good deeds of seeding their provider sounds more encouraging then just being called of a Pink Floyd step-children influenced group. Quad Box to Corruption as well as Radiation Mutation or Trade Off may delivers some of those admirable rhythmic and additional rocket boosts for your space-adventures imaginable that the fantasy turning to reality finally, comes after the new millennium arrives and more bands quite generic to make their soundtrack of non-voice through the star explorations themes project away from NASA’s dualism.

Do Whats Right:

Notroh Dapper (Camobear Records 2013)

A rising Indie-star providing the basement-free made solo project for flooding a free market marks of defying collaborations and instrumentals dopey producing beats as self-manufactured established artist named Marcus Williams and being known foremost as Sapient as his independent Rap production as well as producers and supporting ability of talents being provided to some multiple recording as Debaser, Eyedea, Living Legends to Grayskul sharing again to hi fan-based something new from this Hip-Hop album from himself; Slump.

Slump – definitely, pro-active to spreading its beating curves and hitting balls to the ground and bounce; leaving everyone amazed in colors of smart and clever lyrics, themed and direct-messages via Roman Candle, Pieces of paper, Shotgun in my Spaceship; Seeking New Skin, Went Like This to Slow Up, Opera Pigs as well as Ello and Gladys onto Anaphylaxis greatness of rhythms and rapping flown slower based on Alternative Rap influences and Rn’B soulful energy of freeing freedom of speech and choices. 

A blue furry creature finally, found the lost part of the final puzzle of female inspiring promoted music friendly …


Pozo El Sultan (Humo 2017)

   Mohama Saz might be a new generation calls of sound influenced by their olden days heritage of borderless Andalusian’s caliphate regions and territory absolute of one monotheist god of experimental Progressive Rock and middle-eastern basic of both Turkish and Moor’s Spanish traditional companion for those whom liking ho Psychedelic Rock may developing their sound onto some kind of international gathering powers that binds more people of audiences to liking and expanding the plus knowledge for many more variety of musical parade of the worldwide.
   The quartet of local musicians: Adrian Cabellos (drums, percussion, vocals), Arturo Pueyo (clarinet, saxophone), Javier Alonso (baglama saz electronic and acoustic) and Sergio Cabellos (bass, vocals, percussion, bouzuki) with more musicians of talents there helping them approaching the perfection blending through the music as well as some Reggae tunes that will dance your butts out while listening to Negro Es El Poder release. 
   Kinds of Alternative “tauheed” stuff musical performance within the Latin meets Middle-East meets Jazzy Funk and Pop written tunes like Viyan, Cuando Ilegue El Dia, Hueso Y Luz, Manana en Las Montanas to Ajde Jano cremating thus excellent slow-beats and perhaps, holy messages taken from many sources of the ruins in Baghdad or delights of the Turks and Umayyad descends here in the heart of Madrid, Spain. 

Negro Es El Poder:

Geography Violet (Kill Rock Stars 2009)

   A great independent and sophisticated performance from a group of Classic music ensemble there off the group’s revolving door cast permissions which usually included some cellists like Diane Chaplin, Skip VonKuske, Kevin Jackson, Julian Kosanovic to Sage Coy, Heather Blackburn; Anna Fritz to M Allegra Sauvage, Sonja Myklebust and Galen Cohen – Brian Brunner, Sarah Young, Melissa bach and Samatha Kushnick onto Jenette Mackie and Heather Broderick as well as Gideon Freudmann; increasing corporate of many musical instruments with more drummers like Rachel Blumberg, Matthew Berger to John Vecchiarrelli as well as brass/woodwine players such as John Whaley, Leader Star to Elise Blatchford to completing these ambiguous celli/cellodarity union of Portland Cello Project collective being a blender mechanic for Folk, Indie-Rock, Classic Music and Crossover Jazz to Hip-Hop marking momentum of creativity.
   The debut album – The Thao & Justin Power Sessions truly brought some of those healthy mystic sounds over Classical sounds and Indie-Folk to the righteous tracks possibility for anyone and beyond to listening to them for their great works of harmony and passion. From the freaky orchestration for Pantera’s Mouth of War to The Lamb, beat (Health, Life & Fire); Cut The Rope onto Por Una Cabeza and Hungry Liars or Seeds May Fall – honestly, could some listeners shook their heads as the act of disbelieved – these musicians of Pop-tinged can release the amazing record as this. 

Cheers for Turkish Wine !

The Thao & Justin Power Sessions:

Specimens Victim (Pharty Records 2008)

   Get a grip for your opening alleyways of standard faster sound-beats of Hardcore Punk apparent through the credits from the trio rock-heads; Jerry Dirr (drum kit, percussion), Robyn Roth (bass, vocals) and Jeff Albers (guitars, vocals) finest to expressing the embrace between redemption and angst of the youth permanent like how the starting back of Grunge meets Punk meets Heavy Metal used to come out and amazed the nineties generation of Rock music to loving this new kinds of distorted genre sounds overboard by Knife The Symphony.
   Thriving and complemented as if the alliance of righteous rebels uniting to proof that comforts and hard Music still can getting along to complete each other ribcage bones. 
More introspective territory of dreadful themes and daily issues story on Crawler album released by Knife The Symphony may secretly, amazed you too but be careful not to get too damn closed to the millipede having the poisonous bites as centipedes along the tunes of choices and moshing mobs regular anthem riffs via the scrambled Dystonia, Everyone’s Got a Dime to Spare, Solemn Solon and Tired Equation and 8XAA would do a damage mayhem to your ears and walls on the same direct times.


Recreating Toyz (Interscope/Prawn 1994)


   Not trying to abandoned his multiple-lucky weirdy Rock Alternative mayhem of Funk-Metal but the good old days with some fine ex-members or friends may not change about who Les Claypool really is that day even without Primus trio but dragging out his different troops within the similar drum-beats of Funk-Rock craze which was there for no reasons but occasion temporary overloaded ideas and songs in the making for Sausage crew with Jay Lane and Todd Huth and this recording results show how Riddles Are Abound Tonight really pumping your stomach and heads where the big fat rhythmic and she-creature just sat there nude and dizzy because the tones listed inside really challenging the most popular technique of ordinary Classic Jazz or drunken Motown-inspired meets Hardcore-Metal music of the past days Primus before they became merrier and pop-assimilates later. Caution Should Be Used While Driving a Motor Vehicle or Operating Machinery as well as Here’s To The man and Shattering Song by Girls for Single Men crazily, being an anthem of rhythms for Prelude To Fear of this modern consumption world you live in bad jokes to share !

Riddles Are Abound Tonight: