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Zuri Gaffney (Black Wire Records 2015)

   The run-amok of Indie-Pop psyched tension arrived within the duo driven record from the deep south pacific of emotive Punk and Class of 90’s distortion garage-amount of The Get-Up Kids’ songs combination in counterparts of melodies frenetic energy arrangements over Carb On Carb Pop-Punk/Emo-Rock indie style purification made by James and Nicole for their debut album on the self-titled rocking of Carb On Carb (Carbon Carb) as well.
Within the vocals comparable to Placebo’s Brian Molko harmony sounds and the likeable female voice to make the group having their match over the ordinary world to see this is just plain rock of indie but something quite essential and unique just like the painting/drawing on the front describing the whole greenness of nature and the hidden expectation for secrecy as thus themes being picked carefully for Phenomenal Ladies, Kei Tamaki, Eden Terror or Not Cute Anymore might leading the central fast-tempos encouraging the permitted answers to asks the real question to Take Your Place in The World within Smash.

Carb On Carb: