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Zugzwang (PsyKA Records 2017)

Softer, eerie or ambience by the sounds contradicted to thus album title of their newer one which providing the escaping melodies, longer projector of noise turned to lights; these trio from Le Mans (France) instrumentally can be responsible for your pleasure for sweet/satire Heavy-Psych Rock bands from Europe and for them who loves groups like Colour Haze or Mother Engine’s fuzzy guitars and shapes as being introduced even further by names like Causa Sui or Papir.

Fuck The Sun is the latest instalments from Stone From The Sky – collectively filled with Dimitri, Florent and Dylan as your Stoner Pscyhe rockers with adventurous talents and wider themes to wrote down in ink as lyrics and musical works. 

Have a good time head-banging or farther more wandering over the ride to those wings of destiny and magic via their track-lists: Hunters Must Be Hunted, Inside The Dalek, Monkey’s Lab and Eyeloveshaggs. 

Geometrically wise ...

Fuck The Sun: