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Your Without Love (Coco Tauro 2014)

   Did Arthur Roberts really working alone genuine-ly on the making of the femme power available through (Barbara) Trentalange – a Chicago, Illinois born artist, singer and song-writer complete figure you can counting on a women to painting the days with good examples and problematic feelings happened and infecting some women under the fanatic regime or laws forbid them to be free. Good looking, smart and making the interesting musical project through her latest recording album: Same Illusion (with guitarist Arthur Roberts a/k/a Rick Roberts) publishing the music album carrying the competitive, sophomore and gloomy atmosphere colliding inside the record pretty well cold, arousing but also wiser by the maturity level checking by adult-contemporary music lovers.
   Trentalange divine to collaborates Pop and Rock onto something more delicious but not far away from commercial brand even these is not a commercial record.
Listening onto Reconnected, Uh Huh, In Your Grace, Freedom and River Child may sparkling a question to asked but also the reactions overrated or underrated from both genders to surfacing soon.     But the essential sad tunes capturing the good facts that women today – still being conquered by men. 

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Same Illusion: