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Wolves Encircled (Independent 2014)

Individual strikes or multi-combinations by the imperfection looked to be one of Ballarat’s Aussie answers to the greatness of C.O.C but an actual differences leads these band to the other genre possibility closer to the early Metallica’s Blackened Thrash Metal to Melodic Death Metal to just Extreme Heavy Metal – combining the shredding sharps of riffs and lead solos as well as thus progressions among the simplicity that can be called in categorized as Thrash Metal but crossing-over the beats and awakening the sleepy town of Ararat since the forming year of them until now.
The quartet whom obeying their instinct to digging more evil and meaner themes or ideas for the records and lyrics – stories went and folklore trader in such commonly cases can be surely, another men’s terror reflections just like Requiem’s Mass Of The Dead mini album. 
From Departed to None More Black as we counting the days to ended; one must know that the reality of that still going to explored to be true someday; uninvited – or the late night of pale hazy quiet moment. 

Remember the darkened predictions …

Mass Of The Dead: