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Wolf Lovesick (Metropolis 2014)

Daniel Long or Daniel Graves leads his troops of Elliot Berlin, Tim Van Horn and Tom Napack necessarily responsive towards all beauty destroyed by the romantic EBM’s Goth-pop and Indie Rock modern that you might easy to loving with on their forth recording albums via ‘Til Death.

Industrial to Electronic and Synth-Pop hand in hand remarkably, hailing the sweet poisoning deadly couple engaging their forever vows of being immortal after the slow started suicidal method being operates there like a real married couple that cannot be broken anymore as far as the lyrics of track-listed songs like Light Out (Ready To Go), Antibody, Showtime, Oh Gloria to The Dark Half – honestly keeping the rest of melodies and standard tempo beats recovering on Aesthetic Perfection’s emotional performance that sounding cold enough to warm your dying scenery.

'Til Death: