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Wobani Whills (Walt Disney 2016)

   The different but not far and still having connections with the entire trilogy of famous George Lucas interstellar battles all over the galaxies in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story featuring the flashback for the glimpse in a childhood life for Jyn Erso – daughter of Galen Erso the important scientist and war-weaponry developers on the Imperial team force to be taken for finishing the ultimate destructive weapon of all weapon in the universe as he losing his small family over it. Little Jyn escaped to living with rebel leader Saw Gerrera while her mom unfortunately, died. Felicity Jones and Diego Luna to Riz Ahmed and Donnie Yen really play their roles here for the instalments solid and vulnerable like the rebel base and the plan to saving Galen Erso only to found out that the blue-print weakness of Death Star lies beneath a secret and needs to be taken and shared to the rebel alliance before too late. Michael Giacchino scoring the film’s soundtrack as almost twenty-one tracks of Classic orchestral composing has developed the movie onto almost perfect even though the endings aren’t too good for the bands of rebels led by Cassian and Jyn sneaking inside the Imperial commanding system base on Scarif – making those battles worthy and heroic as being introduced before by the epic close combat battle between the blind man Chirrut Imwe (the Jedi followers) against a large squad of Stormtroppers may becoming one of the greatest scene for the movie. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack carries most of thus memorabilia tracks as they’re attached within the sceneries provides by the movie; Star-Dust, Trust Goes Both Ways, Confrontation on Eadu, Jedha City Ambush, Rebellions Are Built on Hope, The Master Switch and A Long Ride Ahead among others will be the proves for you that the world needs the alliance to drove out the Dark-Side (even) when they needed to sacrifice themselves. Many technologies advancing with signature products both from the imperial and the rebels themselves like gigantic robots of At-At, K-2SO to the rage of Darth Vader kills hope; trying to capture Prince Leia on board ...