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Winterborn Untrue (Dancing Ferret Discs 2004)

   North Florida numerous member and ex’s project on their experimental remixes programs for thus Folkish Electronic lovers trying to meet their victims inside the blood-suckers club somewhere lies under the subway or through the secret doors with the signs hungry for intense beats of the in-between of Rock and Pop design while the thirst over blood seems to be endless as you might seeing the forming line-up to the newest one resemblance via The Cruxshadows lists on members and dancers including Rachel McDonnell (violinist), Chris Brantley (keyboards), Tim Curry (guitars), Rachel Ulrich, Beth Allen, Holly McCall, Roo Smith and Liz Repass (dancers) as the remaining crew originality costs leading by Jen Jawidzik, Jessica Lackey, Rogue and the rest of the entire crew of the group.
   This Fortress In Flames compilations of the band’s last project releasing might be well-kept as the beats must be monotonous and the remarkable sanction over the mixture on Trance/Synth-Pop and Darkwave truly, arming the audience to raid thus burning church castle down as the highlighted tones of mostly, remixing goes a.w.o.l but didn’t expected to be loved by the listeners but the factual would be different. Cassandra (Razed In Black Mix), Edge Of The World, Citadel (Iris Remix) with Andrew Saga; Flames (CXS Deconstructed Redux or Love & hatred (Alice2 Remix) with Kai Hoffmann or Maicel Hildebrand critically, may sending the wrong impression and information to the rest of loyal fans of fanatic but The Cruxshadows really dependable for making their sounds a little too rush and modern to be called commercial – where the money goes as acoustically, delivers a sorrowful silence.

Fortress In Flames: