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Wake Of 07:16 (Equinoxe Records 2014)

   Deutschland’s Goth Rock harmonic actions from the beginning to went on experiences of the genre changing to personnel line-up replacements leaving only the pioneer subject of Jorg Kleudgen as the personal permanent musicians for the incomplete band – The House Of Usher as the lists might perhaps, be too darn long to mentions for names comes and go like Rene Loffler, Robert Nessler, Kai Schindelka or Axel Burgard, Georg Berger or Ray Nottinger among others; for this extended play music project on the new millennium era – The House of Usher releasing the Reincarnation (The Tragic Tale of Tantalus Crane) which featured Mozart works, eerie vocals and atmosphere for the eight minutes and twenty seven seconds opening tracks to the exit lager spoken story existing for about ten minutes and twenty-three seconds – talking about the occultism romance and the loss of lights leaving one to stay under the dark signs and depressions even for the middle song out of I Won’t Let It End (The Wedding Dance).

Total Gothic under the hooded appearance showing you the direction ...