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Void And Damned (Self-Released 2012)

   The metallic basher trio off Matt Tluchowski (vocals and guitars), Russel Cain (guitars) and Alan Cassidy (drums) from your different sub-genres of heavy Metal extremity combining thus Grindcore, Thrash, Doomy and Sludge Metal onto the progressive melodic bursts on the creating of a unique materials on the self-titled Unbodied recording. Harsh screaming growler vocals to the drumming double-pedalling  brutalism; within the thankful reward to artwork/layout/design made by Lauren Albert the artist as well as mystical chosen views for number four which describing over thus four figurines of female with many eyes to introducing that Unbodied would be the group that raising the occult-tinged back over their hometown of Mingo Junction – Ohio.

The mean combinations recommended on Filth and Fertilization, Ceremony of The Shroud onto Junky Dry Heave - like Shiva and Kala on the same project grinding sludgy record.