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Virginity Men (Bandcamp 2017)

Being semi-nude only to covers their tits-up is the front cover of Nancy album – which being recorded by these quartet of Grunge/Punk fronted female band Rotten Reputation which your ears might been waiting for since the late vacuum era for either Hole, The Distillers or The Muffs.

Consisting of the independent and didn’t fucking care about what people saying about them; drummer Kyle Wilde, bassist Zach Barrara, guitarist Kevin Dallis and lead vocalist Lola Marie will be your young white group of rock-heads care to bursting harder within the mixture of Denver’s Garage Punk-Rock and artistic distorted sounds following the tones for Moaning Lisa, Better Than Her, Punisher, Toxic Lady and Photoshop Tricked Me Again – might be too modern to catch but never forbidden to shout at the pathetic world of consumerists public as a good punches !