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Violent Times (Not On Label 2017)

   As the group of Doomy Rock and Metal militia debunked to find a reliable permanent skin-basher for now but remains as far to now a trio off San Diego; you will find that Gloomed is your favorite Black Sabbath-like band that has almost everything to love as them colliding the barriers by collisions for extreme metallic sounds with this slower tones and heavier tempos combined onto the releasing of Initial Offering with the hooded figures, cemetery, haunting vocals, pure madness progressions on over ten minutes to fourteenth minutes longer durations over three songs whether you going to be lost through Last End Game or The Abyss.

By Scotch on vocals and bass guitar. Frankie on guitars and Wayne on guitars and drums; slowly walks and tells everyone that they’re dark, they’re scary and they’re not bring hope instead …

Initial Offering: