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Vigilo Paramecium (CVLMINIS 2016)

One-man project from Mexico Toxocracia forming by the multi-instrumentalist musician Enrique De Jesus whom did not praising Jesus at all; performing his wilder ideas and incorporated themes about Satanism, occult and despair within his self-written lyrics and distorted sounds as the screamo harsh vocals or the bursting dark riffs picturing the atmosphere of this desperate anger and melodic suddenly, take turns instead of monotonous Black Metal manic force after minutes of bombarding drumming and electric shreds in satanic explosions as the releasing of the debut full album Eterna must be fit for every darkened souls out there. Eres Cobarde to De La Irrealidad to Anima en Pena to Mal de Olvido to Distancia Asfixiante within the whispering female voice in spoken words or poetry might giving you more imaginations about how mystical violence and ritual sacrifice to be held in proportions in the process as the tracks emerge praising the devil and the evil incarnates on earth to slowly conquer by loud extreme music and by dark sensuality.