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Vexed Sink (Not On Label 2017)

   Post-Metal Progressive in atmospheric Death Metal/Black Metal over Vancouver – British Columbia (Canada) blessing the activity way for thus whom loving rock and Heavy Metal much onto the displaying of the band’s latest performance and talented techniques showing the magnificent chosen few over this self-titled recording release by Sundran whose consisting of drummer Brodie Hovanessian, Dima Goncharov the guitarist and bass player Dima Golota; keeping their interpretable thoughts meaning flows within this season of amusing blast on the track-listed Sundran album songs. From the crazy calmness to the brutal reactions for Another Place, Diving or Impasse over thus additions for the seven tracks instrumental versions later on the same recording; coming to call the hailing shock through the power emerges of six strings best play onto the beats camouflage and endless misery caught between the songs to the finish tones at last. One might thinking to collecting this only after hearing the third songs or less and Sundran name will forever be oddly – interesting to watch as the life-tree glowing in purple lite.