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Verona Candy Land (Aural Sects 2012)

   Fifty Grand a.k.a Elliot Onofrio may have his promising talents on the making for thus experimenting for the blended on Electronic and Hip-Hop as well as dragging Witch House; Dream-core to Dance-Pop droning steps possibilities for many instrumental tracks arranged and compose by this man as being mastered by WitchMasterz Audio completed in over the self-titled recording beat-noises through Fifty Grand and collectively, recorded for your intellectual instinct pleasure of hearing sensations professionally, independent on the Japanese label.
Affection comes following Rabid Mastiff; O Jewel! O Valuable! Sounding calm but echoed by haunting atmosphere to your ears as far recaptures the dark-descends for non-popular but electronically – passionate as terminology kept the rip-off degradation to stay connected born on the internet age as Shot In The Collar refers the next creations to the near future …

Just like the nightmare for the bugs came reality.

Fifty Grand: