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Venefica Umbra (Argonauta 2013)

   One cannot avoiding the reality and imaginable immense of imbalance of evil over the light as the void surrounding the cosmic of your stereo system and for the provider – meet these Turin, Piedmont troops of Occultism Enochian Doomsters with their variety among Psychedelic, Drone, Sludge to Far Eastern-tinged bursting distorted sounds commencing here via the debut recording of Caosgon from the lesser-known group – Nibiru.
   The trio of instrumental as by using vocals as well performance through the occult-based lyrics and adventuring depressive thoughts and themes from RI (bass, organ), Siatris (drums, percussions) and Ardath (guitars, vocals) growing older wiser and meaner as the illuminates unholy blessings according to the ordinary world can be turned out powerful than just thus twelve minutes more of Aster Argos to Invokation IV: Heru-Khetan-Maati over six minutes and fifty-four seconds wickedly, twisting your faith slowly evaporates to the stars and beyond as the truth that wisdom and death blending into a cup of living sounds of the extreme pod from the Southern parts of Europe.