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Vautour (Season Of Mist 2012)

Metal Death and Black Death Metal formations from Paris, France; naming themselves Necroblaspheme releasing this recording session on XXVI: The Deeper –The Better in six songs and comprising members of the band which contains Yann (voices), Lychar and Hugo on double metallic guitars, Gauthier (bass guitar) and Zoupa the devastating basher (drums). As all music and lyrics are arranged by them and the art merchandises of this metallic France de Black extremists brutal measurements about a guy being explode right in the head – possibly caused by the life-problems which is too damn much he cannot bare any longer.
The Sound or I Shemale or H. vs H. as oddity as for Seated to The Left of Sick may causing the same effects to those whom listening onto the album for too long and continued. 

Best to use in medium loud volume - right before you commit your planning suicide …