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Unit H (Independent 2016)

   Hardcore-Punk bragging fight and punchy tracks as the hazardous riffs over Skate-Thrash blasting like a bucket of maggots being throw from the fifth floor and Ground Score self-titled is calling you all those street riders, drag-howlers, rebel yellers to anyone whom never able to fit on ordinary society to gathering around and make a big mosh-pit to breaking each other bones and brains apart. Free-styling, public mocking or revenge on the world planning might not be a big difference choice today but Ground Score mini album shall exactly, would giving us the double stick or kicking frontal style to those whom always be too fucking conservative, bigotry and religious fucks all their lives ruined for a bleeding nose or destroyed face hearing this record.
Fuck What You’re Going Through to Tic Tac to Evil Girl to My Awesome Life really comes like a slight nightmare of Punk-Hardcore anti-commercialism facts because all right to serve the rebellious front is reserved.

Ground Score: