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Ultraviolence (Dark System 2012)

   Containing as many branches blending of Industrial music where Techno-Electronic meets metallic rocking distortion via whether you might calling it: Dark-Electro, EBM, Electro-Punk, Harsh Post-Industrial to Cold-Wave or Dark Wave which attempting the power-noise tempo and pumping beats delivering an essential futuristic horror themes where technology came as the ultimate weapon that striking it own creator/master harder as becoming malfunctioned aspects just like what this Russian Federation crew called Ex Crime did on their album – Serial Killer Anthem.
Imagine that the computerized intelligent machinery rebelling against the control room led by men; destroying and sabotage the entire society, crumbling the governance and then, molesting the women and making them to be pregnant with cyborg’s babies on their wombs as a reproduction tools for the capacity of smart machine taking over the globe. Angels to Others, Dark Days, Suffering and Pain Awaits You or Hellraiser (cover remix) shall telling us all about the blue prints of an apocalyptic plan.

Serial Killer Anthem: