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Two Towns (Smalltown Supersound 2013)

Carmen Hillestad or Carmne Villain should be a modern day Joni Mitchell for those whom still trapped inside the zone where times didn’t really change at all – blossoming flowers and generations whom smoking on pot too much dreaming of Pop and serenity peace of mind trying to find the paradise or the ultimate nirvana within thus never ending search for equivalent answer towards the problematic world surrounding them. Finding the path on floating vocals and femme intuitions via the debut recording for Indie Rock and Psychedelic Pop culture sounds through Sleeper; enjoying thus miraculous melodies and strange harmonies on the same time erupts softly, shaken gray-haired or mystical purposes – nobody would know exactly but between the gloomy and the popular music lies there; the balance of vulnerability of weakness and strength courage to moving on Obedience, Lifessin, Easy and Made in a Shell among others delicious goods available there.

The great album for the Classic Folk, Rock and Pseudo-tinged relations over the complicated life modernism meets the lost messaging from the past decade to amend some mistakes and won’t adding some more.