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Turbo Twin Interceptor (Self-Released 2014)

   Bladerunner on the run for escaping the disaster predicted long time ago before the advance technology taking over the global living where the topic struck by the displaying musical instrumental influenced by Retrofuturistic Electro, Cyber-Punk to Rock sounds and Ambient which played from afar hometown of Dan Terminus at the edgy border of Bellingshausen Station, Antarctica – does meant that the flat earth theory is real or there’s nothing but icy anomaly surroundings the questioned marks rise up worldwide for it. This Dark-Synth musician/producer/arranger called Dan Terminus really caught his own solo project – a great sign confronting the essential works on The Darkest Benthic Division whilst thus non-vocals but fully music of Progressive Rock again being mixed with more than just Disco or Electronic and the conclusions may listening (either) carefully or fast seems to be a superior representations over Lyon, France as thus high level sea getting higher and more high as the wind blows harder as well; the modern city now facing its natural disaster enemy. Leaving Dry Dock, Breakfast with a Replicant, Retrieving Apparent Magnitude checking on the volcanic activity and closer the counting for disaster hours later; heavy rains and stormy with them reporting that Sensory Cascading Failure must effectively, Abandoned Ship Graveyard and the electro-music ruling the air since the disaster started condemned as they’re facing in motion of non-stop.

The Darkest Benthic Division: