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Treblinka (Not On Label 2016)

   Profiled to be one of those lesser-known group playing their remarkable sounds collisions between experimental Metal Music with Progressive-tinged provisions; releasing the ejaculates of blasting hot cemented proves made and performance by the five-piece group of Athens, Greece named Nibiru as consisting for Ars (guitars, vocals), Victor (guitars, saxophone), George (drums), Natalia Karamani (vocals, trumpet) to Nikos Loukopoulos (bass) build their loco-motive(s) dragging on eerie, depressive and independent mixture of screeching sounds and other echoes frightening enough as one seeing the dark sky open wide above them with not one single stars spotted up there may also experience thus same feelings while having Between Roaring and Sand comes an opener for the Dry Rot album.
   Obscure Like Quicksand’s Waves probably, also done the originality slabs by concrete as Ambient, Drone, Electronic and Metal Progressive there not only performing their own materials but also Isis cover via Carry ... 

Such a powerful closing to let the void comes in via the particle machine.

Dry Rot: