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Toaster The Heron (Self-Released 2016)

Special harmonic voices and softer musical performance just like the ex-hippie and flower generations touring group decided to live next closer to the river banks outside Ithaca – New York; this is the independent band of Indie-Folk Rock and traditional sounds combinations named themselves The Mockingbeards concluding of Taya Win (guitar, vocals), Alex Ford (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Betterley (mandolin, vocals) Megan Silverstein (violin, bass) and Paul Vidovich (drums) as the quintet and low-profiled on releasing the record's self-titled album The Mockingbeards as well. Providing those melodic clean and clearly, blossoming like the small grass flowery and plants happily, gathering to celebrates the winter’s aftermath where the sun shining again brighter and warmer.

As the good tracks being singing and performed well by them; Cannonballs, Salty Air, Trout Pond, Skyline, Itches You Can’t Scratch onto Days When You Would Come Around or Pokey and The Prophecy to Whiskey Afternoon might gladly, sounding the shares over wisdom and comforting lyrics to teaching us some good lessons for waging this lives on.

The Mockingbeards: