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Tin Soldier (Animal Records 1998)

   Sound Gallery is the first recording release and debut album from the trio of Punk-Pop Spanish popular bands for their Mod-scene with Juan Francisco, Godoy, Jorge Izquierdo and Francisco Ruiz trying not to sounded too closer to reality Punk-Rock but taken the good fresher tempos and tunes and style from Rock-Steady, Ska-Pop and Reggae-Rock but let those feet doing the mixture dancing off Skankin’ and Twist or Jitterbug within this Mod-rocking strong blended of Power-Pop music here for Sound Gallery album.  Art-School trio is lucky enough to taste the last years of Grunge revolutions and everything that before tied out now getting loose for running free or do whatever you ever wanted to do in life. Jangly, groovy, sassy and classy must be those words you need to give onto the place for its consistency and emotionally wanted fists to do the talking. I Don’t Care, My Mind Goes Round in Circles, Another Waste of Time, My Little Treasure, People Talk About Us and Strange Days might working out well by the good sound vibrations and make sense if they’re already famous locally for these songs great keyboards or chords combinations.

Sound Gallery: