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T.I.M.E Void (Self-Released 2016)

   Mixed and mastered by Adrian Hidalgo on the studio; these nine tracks written, arranged and composed by the rest of these intellectual rock musicians – originally, from Murcia but then moved to Madrid-based off the Progressive Rock as being detects from their highly wider influences making this recording from these Spaniards sounding crazy and brilliant might giving you and the rest of the listeners a magnificent compels of awesomeness shit in progressions and experimental of metallic rocking music.
Pervy Perkin which consisting of guitarist Alvaro Luis, Carly Pajaron on drums, vocals to Alejandro Macho the lead vocals and keyboards through Aks the bass player and Dante The Samurai on guitars/vocals have given the audience a very freaking powerful roller-coaster riding version on this album called ToTeM. 
Taking back the themes onto the past histories concerning the magical of primitive but advance beliefs and cultural race of many ancient mezzo-america tribal kingdoms and civilizations. Listen to the recording tracks like KountryKuntKlub in 04:29 or Hypochondria comes in six minutes and eighteen seconds or even the longer songs like the twenty-six minutes off Mr. Gutmann and I Believe lasted through fifteen minutes and fifty-six seconds topping the regenerations for those whom living their lives only to have good progressive metallic of Rock Music performance and albums. 

Pervy Perkin shall be one of those ultimate new choices among the pitiful modern fake Pop-culture for learning and listening pleasure.