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Time Travel (Hand Drawn Dracula 2016)

Altogether as the men of musky smells united and you might not knowing it but Toronto – Canadian Kyle Connolly (Wish, Fake Palms), Jonathan Rogers to Jesse Mirsky from Elsa and Simone TB (US Girls) had decided to recording their imperfection product project on music as the Indie Pop parts turned the jangling tide of mesmerizing reactions from head nodding to sing-along with the band – that calling themselves now as The Seams and with this cassette format returning the gain for thus dazzled sounds coming out from the tape recorder or walk-man as one listening to Meet The Seams (album) which ruling by the melodic harmony strings and guitar-tinged as well as cool softy vocals and semi-moderate tempos to forcing you to loving the music performance from a band name started with Tomorrow, ADHD, Remembrance Day, Seeds as would Hung Up played by The (as) Seams truly won’t be disappointed on making such of creative nineties-background of Alternative Rock.

Meet The Seams: