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Time One Step (Clenched Fist 2013)

Pushed Too Far is the Antwerpen – Belgium quartet of Hardcore-Punk power raging crew just like a familiar answers to those East-West Coast thang extreme HC quarters and moshing hard until you broken something up on your body; not necessarily – because using only five tracks there over Nothing Remains mini album; vocalist DMZ, bassist Gert, double duty guitarists Nicho and Derwin to drummer Kris really facing their fear of ancient samurai ghost soldier just like the horror movie about several explorer trying to find the Japanese bunkers long time ago but failed and died mysteriously, one by one. The blasting crackle broken bones Hardcore and Punk hot molten tempos like new school suicidal in vain really makes the memory thinking there’s nothing matters now only the scene within thee and blood-spilling floor as the Walking Around or Live All You Want bursting the essential truth about nothing but the truth reveals within the serious violent lyrics and music made by the group.

Nothing Remains: