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Thunder Enormous (Blood Harvest 2011)

Swedish Death Metal beasts with little less damned Rock N’ Roll satanic acts missionary mess sounds for those whom liking Discharge/Entombed/Morbus Chron or Miasmal as the band consisting of Matt Mendoza or Inventor coming from several places before reaching the settlement in Stockholm; from Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Umea. 
Writing the cryptic lyrics on death to despair themes as other extreme thoughts and deader compiling matters as Bastard Priest releasing their second album recording off Ghouls Of The Endless Night infinite terror signs and horrific titles that measuring the band’s self-interests would be anti-social to the bigots and the conservatives whom for Bastard Priest are easy and must be killed quickly or slower just like the tempos come and go within the songs of torturing dark with no lights via Sacrilegious Ground, Fucking Slaughter, Last Scream, Pestilent Force and Poison to either stab you, jamming spears to your rib-cages, decapitating your entire towners or just elegantly, mutilating your beloved one in the name of anti christ – pieces to pieces ...

Ghouls Of The Endless Night: