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Thought Never (Bandcamp 2015)

   When you meet the future face to face don’t forget that Danny Brown’s seven remixes tracks under the moniker figure of this Electronic Hip-Hop and Space-Synth project Form & Shape is one of the farthest acts of US musical performance conforming from as Northern as Anchorage, Alaska but with So Nice to Meet You, I Hope That You Safe sounded like a warm welcome and good wishing to those whom flying with Air Alaska to work or visiting the arctic circle somewhere up there and cold-driven kinds of music for one to go dance independently while in wait for the fishing rod suddenly moving through the icy hole as local Inuit or settlements.
   Play them in medium volume but keep your sights to observing for hungry polar bears nearby as being accompanied by Touche, Manuscript Sick Shit, Pop3 and What He Won’t Do to Feelin Awesome not being scam for any fool’s gold. 

So Nice To Meet You, I Hope That You Safe: