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The Wanderer Eternal (Not On Label 2012)

Playing music live by their likes for Instrumental Rock to Science Fictions as these started up Chicago crew being under the shadowy of Russian Circles, This Will Destroy You, Isis or Fang Island before moving to Brooklyn later as being led by Ben Kaplan and friends; Sleep Maps probably, would be your newest group performing their high-techniques on the sounds of the lost future over Post-Rock and experimental experiences as the excessive Progressive Rock solidify and Post-Metal collision similarity to the band like Deafheaven personally, found the feeling in released through the triple pedals sounding machinery or solo lead guitars just giving efforts to supporting the rest of thus hollow theory music which didn’t driven by humanity vocals.
Within Fiction Makes The Future; the sampling of spoken words and the atmospheric tremendous tidal wave sounds whipping the entire edgy locations all around the glass walls inside the time-conquered bottle which punches us with Forbidden Light, A Greater Fire and Men Against The Stars that may came to suspended ends by destroying mankind into a vanish non-existence universal cosmic haze on a remote corner of the galaxy.

Fiction Makes The Future: