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The Stonk Hulusi (Rootspring 2015)

Cape Town - South Africa production and equality growth of World musical of traditions and heritage mixing with modern Indie –Jazzy and Latino sounds multiply by platforms digitally online which produced by the group calling themselves Ottoman Slap. Bring to you in front of the soft wave of sensual and mystical advertising sounds blended through Yemen Blues, Beirut Pop or Jews Polka – as you might calling them what you want but Simone Chiara, Matthew Reid, Doug Armstrong, Marissa Cuenoud, Callan Wolff and James van Minnen running well over their great magic tunes and harmonies for mixing thus Eastern Gypsy/Balkan Fusion to Middle-Eastern cultural music on these symbolized recording off Idiomatic.
Song number two which carries the female seductive vocals on The Dachshund and The Weasel on six minutes and twenty-eight seconds or Como Las Olas over Roul’s Waltz and Clapham Junction maybe the examples you needing to listen as approval for the answers on how fairly magnificent the Jazz and the modern session performance from Ottoman Slap really could making your eras addicted to the loves for this artistic musical ensemble dragging their sensuality by the play and the essential marks over the track-listing written summary that can be totally, excellent to some older audiences !