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The Silence Wraith (Not On Label 2012)

Can be directly, put on a specification over the closer and related to the Symphonic Black Metal classic like of how Cradle Of Filth or Emperor did before as these Australian crew-some of Advent Sorrow projectiles filling their bloodlust anthem with more eerie-tinged evolving the depressive and doomy undertones while the growler vocals leading the bashing brutality to its higher level as the listeners would damn agree about it – this lot really can grow bigger and scarier.
By the names of members like ben Hanson, Jordan King, Martin Shaw Donelly, Rhys King to Somnus and Tom Langridge among others ex-members; Advent Sorrow frighteningly release their mini Black Metal album on the violently – huge abandoned church building remains now in the dark bursting five tracking that sounded horrific and disturbing with those classical harmony and melodic extremities added as addictive as you might never thinking of before having them on your room. 
Before The Dimming Light EP condemned everything religious and brighter as the dark power is what they’re asking and demanded the most. Insidious Memories and A Porcelain Mistress may telling you the real stories behind the lyrics of terror where insecurity shall not allowed to lived around you anymore but fear itself controlling the time expanding to the end that lasts short.

Before The Dimming Light EP: