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The Reunion Katarus (Irond/Molot 2013)

Vladivostok’s occultism theology, philosophy to cosmos psychology of new consciousness over the reasons not to believing religious visions of monotheist anymore isn’t bad actually – then, these Russian moving to Warsaw, Poland (later) really showing the further down the spiraling circles of unbeliever satanic companion of sub-culture over the rising tide of Black Metal/Death Metal or Dark Metal to the closing borderline nearer the surface to destroying thus pop cultural and modern society once pointing in horror and disgusts upon them the underground warriors of true faith keepers.

Begerith the group comprising of drummer Thorian, Alexey “Wiedzmin” Bushuev the six-strings and ring leader singer, Egor “Slayer” Menshikov on bass guitar to Andrey “Mr. Undead” Karasev the lead guitar mayhem releasing this debut recording entitled – My Way To The Star… collectively, praising the colossal aiming trust to win over the lights as the world will be once again drowning onto dark while the cosmic masters coming down to rule their places once again and no more irony and lies upon the globe with The First Transmigration Over Planet, Star Guiding Light, My Visions of Transcendent Mind or 7th Triangle bursting the manic mega-grinding metallic sounds as armory to slaying the slaves of Vatican and the rest of those Christian pathetic realm down.

My Way To The Stars: