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The Remedy Frailty (Resist Records 2017)

   Five-piece off the Southern part of Sydney – Australia scene of medium Extreme Heavy Rock sounds or Metal-Core genre to put out explodes and then, swallowed by you in hardened fierce blasts which played and perfomed by Jamie Hails (vocals), Jake Stenihauser (bass, vocals), Rick Schneider and Ryan Slew on guitars and Daniel Furnari (drums) got their interests on the similarity likes for either D’Addario strings or Dingwall basses, Collision drumsticks to Fractal audio and of course, lots of Metal-core and Melodic Hardcore music as the band – Polaris built their reputations for the three years on the road touring and live acts for the supporting on Aussie’s Heavy Metal scene lately and within the releasing on the record – The Mortal Coil; the group finally saw their opportunity to go internationally opens wider as the track-listings off Consume, In Somnus Veritas, The Slow Decay to Crooked Path among others really cool to catch for any good and young fans out there saving the best on the last fallen heroes of Metal-core from Down Under.

The Mortal Coil: