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The Politics Ending (Fuel/Scarlet 2013)

   Groovy and powerful as the maintaining superb sounds exporting from the form of Milano’s Thrash/Death Metal and Hardcore Nu-Metal group called Extrema might being acknowledgement for their likes heavily for either Metallica to Slipknot or any other possessions of extreme non-prejudice high-techniques as the four-piece personnel like Francesco La Rosa, Gabri Giovanna, Gianluca Perotti and Tommy Massara since the early eighty-five until now would be a disaster-like miracle for a very positive and metallic ways to see for now to know that the group still active and alive while the non-commercial compromising blast-sounds and fiercing tempos leads the head-bangers and rock-headers to checking out the latest efforts from Extrema with The Seed of Foolishness where Heavy Metal, Thrash and mister politician Goat-Head giving the spontaneous two middle fingers to the audience – as The Distance, Bones, Pyre of Fire, Deep Infection or A Moment of Truth secretively, will swallowing the entire global dealers and ill-mentally hookers inside the greedy mouth of destruction still right now be a little bit patience for the planet.

... Secret society wins !

The Seed of Foolishness: