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The Microdome (Skol Records 2016)

   Writing the battles themed over evil, Heavy Metal, outer-space, the unknown and Satanism occult terror; these Detroit, Michigan band – Demon Bitch as concluding of Logon the vocalist, Lord Mars and D.B Cooper on six-strings avenger, drummer Reverend Ceckowski to B. Beatmaster on bass guitar bring their fast attacking Thrash Metal and Speed force to your ears via the stereo system recording for Hellfriends consisting of thus seven tracks destruction and a barbaric woman in animal furry clothes signing for the occultism and old ancient beliefs raising back to ending the modern freaking world’s up. From the technical instrumental on A Passage to The Other Side straight through the metallic songs like Devil Love, Warning Form The Skies to Fortunes Told must be a torturing scream-age high-pitched tones and fast killer drumming for the heads to bang harder. 

As the heating up tension and the loose cannon button pressing towards the world war III happens only to creates the endless winter of radioactive cold hell; beware ...