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The Last Step (Paragon Records 2008)

The Great Silk Road offers us the past looking off our backing-history journey from the ancient ages to the early modern civilizations leads the devastations of others while the most powerful ones ruling with their iron claws reign just like this Shamanic Black Metal epic of Kyrgyzstan’s town of Bishkek which then resides to Leipzig later. Consisting of Merkith on vocals, Resurgemus (synth, guitars), bassist Cerritus, Asbath (drums, percussion) and Dushman the guitarist of Darkestrah blasting their common classic evoking of darkest dark within the blackest sounding of fast and brute double pedals monotonous and raging riff-age with the screaming occultist vocals available within the snake bites to the old cities on the marooned horizon being seen by the travelers and merchants for centuries as the folklore goes spreading to tell the rest for those magical, mystical and even danger emerges through the gates or its walls luring the weakening men to the man-trap as the bursting tracks howls hard through Cult Tengri 08:26, Kara Oy 18:48 or Inner Voice 12:13 as some of the band’s longest songs recorded here for your pleasure swallowing the wrong paths of life. 

Flaming on of Central Asia skies and burnt the righteous of kindness down to ashes …

The Great Silk Road: