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The Formula (Bandcamp 2017)

   White hard-worker guy who loved Hip-Hop and Rap music much as the founding member of Insomniaks; born in Portland, Oregon raised in Aurora, Colorado meet your Denver-nugget’s talented rapper – Six O’Clock for this heavy hitting production and the versatile style flows continuing his evolution and unique blend of music writer and MC as being credited well by the local audience and media to those Rn’B and Hip-Hop lovers – instantly after hearing him did the password encoding record by far. Rebel Historian may vary the beginning to the end as underground as popular sounding attached there via the album sharing thus songs of wisdom and stories around the hood nearby to the next messaging lyrics for the future thoughts of advancing society of non-pressure and beyond like being told through Classic Original, Gotta Get Away f/J Larae, The heist f/Joey War, Been On One or Right Now f/Bvggz & Jus-1 or Ancient Teachings.

Demanding your further reasonable thoguths to digest the rest of his lyrical poetry and justice sending codes ablaze as the Gangsta-Rap sticking hard as well via the music like a tough unnamed hero or the pain in the ass that won’t go.

One looking into the colorful bright out from the glancing dark behind 'em ...

Rebel Historian: