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The Escape (Do Right! Music 2007)

   Andrew “ Andy” Bernstein abs may turning-out to be Abdominal as where the fugitive beats off Rap and Hip-Hop and soulful Rn’B funky classic debunks right there as this Canadian MC flowing his lyrics like jitterbug flying, gangsta peeps rocking or a suitable answer for any early of thus Beastie Boys addictive mix-sessions addressing the works through his own recording release on Escape From The Pigeon Hole as the background of birds burst-out from him on the behind mural or not just a representation on how the mixture of culture reacts here within – facing the gap in between the co-operative version of the neighborhood watch and claiming ranks of non-mainstream acts by the display via Breathe Later, Pedal Pusher, Big Track, Open Relationship, Heaven’s Demon to Sex With Girls (Skip This One Mom) followed by Walk Left/Stand Right, Flyer Antics and Countdown.

You might then, know the power of good written songs that show as Hip-Hop playing hard-stance to get free and break tighter like this shiznits …

Escape From The Pigeon Hole: