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The Dispirited Outbreak (Metal Age Productions 2005)

   Crushing partially ending the paths with the grinder noises of Death Metal stability for destructing the inner and outer world of yours by the ultimate lesser-known group from Czech Republic  filling up their lyrics and full-destructive of Classic format of Death Metal like it’s still the early 90’s era where the cold war just about to end but agony and sins and the devils stays the same permanently. You will be crushed and amazed for the groovy deadly double pedals drumming like hundred tanks coming to attacks your city from afar and the certain explosions an death really imaginable in front of your eyes as the recording session of Pandemia’s Riven crank loud on your stereo system.
Whether Jaroslav “Jarda” Friedrich on bass guitars, Pavel Kouba on drums, Alex Marek the shedder plus keyboards to  vocalist Michal blistering in extreme ways to devastates everything on their path blocking to be destroyed within the excessive force eruptions carried by the tracks like heavier Stream of Destinies to the more progressive metallic Weight of Wisdom and Legion Beneath to Us and Them. 

Destructive dangerous !