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The Call (Not On Label 2015)

Heavy Rock quartet of Kostas the vocalist, Johnny the guitar player, Fed the bass basher and Dennis the brilliant skin-batter baptizing themselves as Godsleep from Athena – Greece being characterized for several times of local popularity in Rock scene within their high-profiles on many festivals around Europe like Freak Valley, Red Smoke Fest, Exit Fest or Rockwave and more numerous concerts of their own to the moment of a boost on releasing the debut album by Godsleep through Thousand Sons Of Sleep breaking the silence over the group’s demo-days and writing process for sounds which approved pretty much artistically well through the blendig on Stoner Rock and Psychedelic Heavy Metal music in good vibrant of groovy beats and standard riffs or skin-basher performance on those songs of elegant occult/magic alike themes on Wrong Turn, Feel Like Home, I Want You and Thriteen.

Screaming bluesy vocals or the promising Stoner/Doomy tinged shall giving you the space for combust the inner-spiritual to rock while head-banger hailing the holy of the holiest of the forest king’s blessing rock sounds !

Thousand Sons Of Sleep: