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The Bentley Impact (RCA/Sony Music 2009)


   Directed by Roland Emmerich – this epic disaster movie of all time as the taken seriously off the Mayan prophecy about the end of time appears for the exact point at the end of December over this thrilling but braver film and the music scoring – simply entitled 2012 (original motion picture soundtrack) as being written and composed by Harald Kloser and Thomas Wander.
Infamous and allegedly, tempting to catch almost billions of people asking the same questions and ready to stocking pile of surviving kits and ransoms insdie the bunkers as thousands being scarred into fear about the destruction cause by a complication sickness our planet have to suffer along with the predictions of several cosmic events given the domino effects sending to our solar system and Earth within those sun flare storms, the weakening of our magnetic fields and pole shifts that may started the countdown of doomsday – where massive earthquakes, monstrous tsunami waves, and the continents collision triggered almost on the same time as the life of the main character – novel writer/limo driver Curtis Jackson and his small family as well as the scientist Adrian Helmsley trying to hand in hand telling the world what’s coming and really can occurred at any time after the last calculations about the volcanic activity on Yellowstone caldera erupts as many died including friends and important people left behind. 
The audience will be shaking to be amazed on how the disaster sceneries happening in front of their eyes showing the total devastation over the entire planet from California to Hawaii, to Vatican City and everywhere including Mount Everest being swallowed by the tidal gigantic waves as the surviving few must hurried to evacuates inside the build-up arks by some coalition of government of several super-power countries as the minutes of countable between extinction and survival is very thin; the alternate endings might be giving you a new perspective of what’s really happening when it’s happening. 
Ballad tones from Adam Lambert onto those instrumental orchestra on strings arrangements like Constellation, Ashes In D.C, Nampan Plateau, Suicide Mission, Wisconsin, Ready to Rumble or U.S Army and Stepping into The Darkness may becoming the process for our thoughts to seeing things half full or not too greedy to make it too full as starting the preparation for any major disaster events lurking ahead in front of our existence here.