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The Atman Apocalypse (The Laser’s Edge 2016)

   For Jethro Tull or Porcupine Tree or Metallica with Dream Theater rushy tempo and available techniques of the highness experimental rocking sounds recorded and composed by these New York-based occult and mystic magical but modern by sounds; meet the infinite crew of the newer generations of Progressive Rock from the East coast area – Edensong.
   Extensively, available as themselves recruiting the ideas and compositions marked in their heads and talents scouting the high-intentions over the maximum progressions performance here for the band’s second album called Years In The Garden Of Years which seems to be confusing to read but never too damn hard to interprets. 
   The formats of long and remarkable sessions of band-jamming, solo process and Avant-Garde classic rock virtue looks and forms bursting to spreads inside and outside the bending cosmic and universally, radiates to make people amazed over the listening on how tunes can correctly, turning the sadness and solitude onto madding crowds cheering within the variations of tunes arming themselves for anyone to use against boredom and suicidal feelings. 
   Positive points as well as the themes of non-forbidden acts of epic paths and adventurous ways exactly – leads to the perfections via Chronos (cello by Eric Stephenson), Down The Hours, Regenerations to Yawn Of A Blink and In The Longest of Days – came in not on the “too long” duration but solid stronger posing music to bare within you onto the grave hole as company – entering the mystical paths and dimension gate of the other side.

With James Byron Schoen (vocals, guitars), Tony Waldman (drums, percussion, gamelan, hang drum), Stefan Paolini (keyboards, vocals), Barry Seroff (flutes) and TD Towers (bass guitar) as well as their features musicians friends.

Years In The Garden Of Years: