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Texas Ledfurd (Diamondback Records 2009)

   Who do you think you are judging that cowboys or rednecks cannot jump and rapping hard ? Screw your thoughts that said all southern boys and their women are totally, ugly and bad smells cause for those reasons here’s the duo of Country Rap formed by the California sunshine and ass-shaking bitches drunken and getting half naked or nude on the stinky titty bars making you sweaty a lot like a stuck pig. Meet Dusty “Tex” Dahlgren and Brett “Bird” Brooks of Moonshine Bandits of Los Banos, CA whom can make their heritage hillbilly descendents proud because these whiteys really can flowing their lyrics and flippin’ the words up their mouth going straight to move your buttery ass to dance out.
Within this Divebars And Truckstops popular or semi-backward within thus dirty themes to bare quickly shouting over the “yee-haaw” beats blended with Rn’B/Pop and Soulful Hip-Hop as one cannot stand no more not to tapping the girl’s ass just like the delicious southern friend cooking brunch and bourbon lights served well done or raw steak and mash potatoes hottie women on the floor ready to be taken home or just rent a small room might be enough by sessions over these duet blasts ! 
Blondie, brunette, red-hair and dark beauty – all equally well-tasted with this power-o-sugar daddy riding style via Whiskey River, Fists & Jager, Back Home ft. Durwood Black, Long Black Train ft. Danielle Davis or Mission Impossible ft. Derrty D as well as Mud in The Club where those dreamy sensual sexy and sleazy craze for little bit soft-porn actions to the hardcore ones may legal through the beer bottles, missionary or doggie style acts onto the breeding up the female without those safety rubber can be totally rioting includes the country-side neo-Hip Hop culture music.

Divebars and Truckstops: