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Teleidoscope (Not On Label 2011)


   Power-Pop blending righty with Alternative Electro and female-fronted Emo-Rock must be quite extra-ordinary strange nowadays to listening  but meeting these Eindhoven (The Netherlands) group – Trip To Dover must be a good experience for the one ears to feel the amazing solid sounds over the band’s mini album release via Vegas & Berlin which is quite sounding weird and not related but thus melodic songs and 80’s Synth-Pop Dance elements to DJ’s styling beats over Bitter or Better, Where Was I and Be Juliet to The Wait would getting the audience turned on for more tunes arranging by them.

   For the surprising guitar vs DJ or man versus woman performing by Johannes Taal and Olga Taal with bassist Daniel Danse and drummer Jop Kerkhof mesmerizing the feeling to moving on quite calmly sooner. 

Everyone will having a tasty addiction !

Vegas & Berlin: