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Tancap Berkibar (Nagaswara 2010)

After a fully drowning since the last several recordings and making the right move to switch the label recording as the date releasing for Soekamti.Com preference to go back and pull their essential Pop-Punk roots to the surface again with the funnier lyrics and comedy themes about daily story that been experiences by public nation-wide as freaking dummy to make you fall in love to their sold-out music fairly for the Yogyakarta infamous Skater-Punk poppers: Endank Soekamti (named after the hot teacher in elementary school or up). From Audisi (audition) that talks about talent show which sometimes gone sucks or Masih Merdeka (being free) focused on the plan or aims that should be turning to realizations no matter what the causes approval as well as Satria Bergitar (guitar warrior) that might a song to mock someone important but stupid politically or just a theme for silly gaming as the Mars Kamtis is your anthem if you already being a member of the family with the band fans club. Great borrowing riffs and textures of original Punk-Pop from everywhere and blending onto their own catalogs here must be the quartet turns to a trio of Erix, Fendy and Ulog as cannot being ignored to facing the televisions, school parties and radio hits for some of their hits locally good.

Happily to send this album to you as a souvenir from Indonesia.